SLB Amendment Voting Results


The votes have (almost) all been tallied and we’ve got enough of a majority to officially call all four of the amendments that were proposed and endorsed for placement on this year’s ballot.

Only one amendment was really even close, so clearly folks are largely in agreement across the board this season.

Without any further ado, here are the results of this year’s amendment voting:

Amendment #1: Steven-Rex

Proposal: Steven MUST draft in the T-Rex costume
Proposed: Graves
Endorsed: Collin and Mike


Result: Nothing. Steven will not be forced to draft in costume. The commissioner is using his power of decree to void any/all amendment proposals directed at individuals and not league rules. This is to avoid setting precedent that would undoubtedly get really stupid, really fast. If Steven still wants to wear the costume, that’s pretty freakin’ rad – but he is under no obligation to do so.

Amendment #2: Schedule Randomization

Proposal: Randomize the schedule after the draft before the season starts
Proposed: Graves
Endorsed: Mike and Justin


Result: The schedule will be randomized after the draft and before league play begins.

Amendment #3: Control of Non-Competitive Teams

Proposal: The commissioner has the right to alter lineups after the All-Star break if a team is not participating or putting their best roster out there. If a player goes on the DL and an owner does not have a suitable back up, the commissioner is allowed to pick up the top ranked player for said position.
Proposed: Justin
Endorsed: Graves and Mike


Result: The commissioner is empowered to take control of non-competitive teams after the All-Star Break. The commissioner will confer with the league to ensure folks are in agreement before this action is taken.

Amendment #4: Draft Priority for Non-Playoff Teams

Proposal: The H2H record between the two teams missing the consolation round will determine who gets the higher draft priority. This — in theory — gives them something to play for down the stretch. Should they have a tie in H2H record for the year, the tiebreaker goes to the team with the better record over the final three weeks of the regular season.
Proposed: Graves
Endorsed: Justin and Mike


Result: Draft priority for the teams finishing 13/14th will be based on the better H2H record and/or record over the final three weeks if H2H is a tie.


So there you have it. We’ve got a few small changes coming to the league in 2019, but nothing that figures to dramatically alter the landscape of SLB this time around. Democracy in action, y’all.

For now, I want to say thank you to those of you who took the time to vote and for our usual boatload of lively debate throughout the year. I assume we’ll hear plenty more about Quality Starts before we’re voting on next year’s amendments.

The Amendments Page has been reset to open up the floor for new amendment proposals that would impact the 2020 season and beyond.

2019 SLB Draft Priority

2017 draft

1. Salmon Kings
2. Radioactive Rush
3. High Cheese
4. Sea Bass
5. Captain Jack
6. SL Disappointments
7. 38 MPH Heaters
8. InSaNeAuDiO
9. money grubbers
10. Genies in a Bottle
11. cracker jack
12. Dome Dog
13. The Groundhogs
14. ZIMA

ZIMA’s 2018 SLB Championship Celebration!!


ZIMA general manager, Collin Brand celebrates winning the 2018 SLB Championship with an address to the rest of the league.

Congrats to everyone on another great season. Obviously, the biggest props go out to Collin for not only returning to the playoffs for the first time in, like, a century; but marching to the first championship in club history.

Props to Justinger and his intrepid cracker jack squad on an incredible fourth (fifth if you’re not into tie-breakers) consecutive pennant as he continues to be the standard bearer for sustained success in this league.

There were a number of wonderful performances all around – but the glory goes to the man with the golden fish. Three cheers for the new champ, T.C.B.

Enjoy the off-season, nerds.

Draft Review and Rankings 2018


It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack…

As always, I want to make it very clear that there is no science or metrics (or legitimacy) to these rankings. It is completely subjective and based on my opinions toward players, their value, their abilities, and where/when you drafted them in relation to my perceived views of value elsewhere in the draft.

Just because I ranked you near the bottom doesn’t mean you won’t/can’t win this thing.

I’ve had a lot of people take these things personally over the years and that’s just silly pants, don’t be silly pants. It’s all opinion.

That having been said, there are a few rules I tried to stick to when doing the rankings.

I tried to avoid using any players you’ve acquired since the draft and – aside from occasional mentions – I tried to avoid factoring your keepers into your team strength. I really wanted to focus on JUST the draft itself. Obviously, as I re-read this, I screwed up given that this was written over a course of many days. Some of your rankings will include more references to keepers than others. This is an imperfect science.

As always, I’d love some feedback – love it, hate it, wish I’d die in a chemical fire – hit me with it.

Alrighty, enough of me rambling, let’s do this thing, without any further ado; here is the 2018 Draft Review and Rankings…

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2018 Draft Rankings


2018 SLB Draft Rankings

Rank Fantasy Pros Rank Salmon Kings Rank Commish Gut Rank
1 Genies in a Bottle The Groundhogs cracker jack
2 Captain Jack SL Disappointments Genies in a Bottle
3 cracker jack Genies in a Bottle Salmon Kings
4 The Groundhogs Salmon Kings High Cheese
5 ZIMA cracker jack money grubbers
6 money grubbers money grubbers ZIMA
7 High Cheese Dome Dog Captain Jack
8 38 MPH Heaters Captain Jack The Groundhogs
9 Dome Dog 38 MPH Heaters SL Disappointments
10 Radioactive Rush ZIMA Dome Dog
11 Salmon Kings High Cheese 38 MPH Heaters
12 SeaBass v.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Radioactive Rush Radioactive Rush
13 SL Disappointments InSaNeAuDiO SeaBass v.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
14 InSaNeAuDiO SeaBass v.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ InSaNeAuDiO

Official 2018 Keepers

This page will be updated when keepers are either made public by an owner or after the deadline when all keepers need to be submitted to the commissioner.

The deadline is 5pm (Central) on Saturday, March 10th.

*Note: Remember that a rule was enacted in 2016, via Commissioner Decree, regarding teams who miss the deadline for keeper submission. Any team that doesn’t submit their keepers by the deadline, will be assigned the highest ranking pitcher and position player on their roster according to Yahoo’s preseason rankings. The third keeper will be determined by the next highest preseason ranking, regardless of the player’s position.


Official Keepers:
Aaron Judge (NYY-OF)
Andrew Benintendi (BOS-OF)
Clayton Kershaw (LAD–SP)

Draft Priority: 1

radioactiverush001Radioactive Rush

Official Keepers:
Paul Goldschmidt (ARI–1B)
Jose Ramirez (CLE-2B/3B)
Robbie Ray (ARI-SP)

Draft Priority: 2

dome_dog_logoDome Dog

Official Keepers:
Corey Seager (LAD–SS)
Cody Bellinger (LAD-1B/OF)
Jacob deGrom (NYM–SP)

Draft Priority: 3

seabass001Sea Bass v13.0

Official Keepers:
Kris Bryant (CHC–3B/OF)
Kyle Schwarber (CHC-OF)
Noah Syndergaard (NYM–SP)

Draft Priority: 4

The Groundhogsgroundhog003

Official Keepers:
Manny Machado (BAL-3B)
Trea Turner (WAS-SS)
José Berríos (MIN-SP)

Draft Priority: 5

SLDSL Disappointments

Official Keepers:
Gary Sanchez (NYY-C)
Miguel Sano (MIN-3B)
Chris Archer (TB-SP)

Draft Priority: 6

38mph00138 MPH Heaters

Official Keepers:
Carlos Correa (HOU-SS)
Jose Altuve (HOU–2B)
Madison Bumgarner (SF–SP)

Draft Priority: 7


Official Keepers:
Miguel Cabrera (DET–1B)
Jake Lamb (ARI-3B)
Johnny Cueto (SF-SP)

Draft Priority: 8

Salmon Kingssalmonkings003

Official Keepers:
Mike Trout (LAA–OF)
Jonathan Schoop (BAL-2B)
Aaron Nola (PHI-SP)

Draft Priority: 9

Genies in a Bottlegenies2016

Official Keepers:
Mookie Betts (BOS–OF)
George Springer (HOU-OF)
Corey Kluber (CLE–SP)

Draft Priority: 10

cheese-high-final001High Cheese

Official Keepers:
Freddie Freeman (ATL–1B/3B)
Anthony Rizzo (CHC–1B/2B)
Luis Severino (NYY-SP)

Draft Priority: 11

Mr. Magoo, co-created by animation legend John Hubley. Mr. Magoomoney grubbers

Official Keepers:
Nolan Arenado (COL–3B)
Giancarlo Stanton (NYY-OF)
Chris Sale (BOS–SP)

Draft Priority: 12

cracker jackcrackerjack-alternate003

Official Keepers:
Joey Votto (CIN–1B)
Charlie Blackmon (COL-OF)
Max Scherzer (WAS–SP)

Draft Priority: 13

Jack Sparow Flag-01Captain Jack

Official Keepers:
Bryce Harper (WAS–OF)
Josh Donaldson (TOR-3B)
Stephen Strasburg (WAS-SP)

Draft Priority: 14