2008 Season Comes to a Close…

2008 Final Standings

1-J’s Team (Jay Christiansen)
2-bonds batboys (Nick Paulsen)
3-Genies in a Bottle (Jeremiah Graves)
4-Captain Jack Sparrow (Travis Morfitt)
5-cracker jack (Justin Kunkel)
6-money grubbers (Mike Kunkel)
7-Team Rocky (John Kunkel)
8-The Dominators (Steven Kunkel)
9-InSaNeAuDiO (Jesse Graves)
10-Sea Bass v2.0 (Craig Denny)


Congrats to Jay on winning his second SLB Championship. He played some solid games down the stretch and was able to crawl his way back from the cellar and into playoff position. From there he proceeded to play some incredible head-to-head match-ups and become the fourth two-time champion in league history.

Big props also go out to Paulsen for getting such a hot-hand down the stretch and playing it to perfection. The quartet of Manny/Papi/Pedroia/Pujols carried the offense into the playoffs and up until the final day of the championship.

It was a great championship game…great job to both of you!


I’d also like to give a shout out to the rest of the league for what was easily the most competitive year in the history of the Salmon League. Granted with a pot of $200…that’ll happen.

I think we made some big strides this year and I think we can continue to improve this league going foward. In the next few weeks I’ll be scheduling the Winter Meetings so that we can again talk about various issues/concerns/ideas to continue advancing the league. I know many people have things they’d like to hash out (ie: expansion teams, larger rosters, more money, etc…) so it should be a good time that allows us to come up with some new policies to vote on.

After that I fully expect to plan another live, offline draft next season. I am tentatively assuming it’ll take place the first weekend of April. I am also tenatively assuming that it’ll take place in Mankato again, so please–clear your schedules now. I also assume it will most likely conclude with a trip to the Metrodome for opening day 2009. But more on that too come later.

Finally, as always rosters will be locked at midnight (EST) tonight as it is the last official day of the season. Any player currently listed on your team’s DL will be dropped from your roster at midnight (EST) if not transferred to your active roster—as is the case every year.

That is all…

Great year, ya’ll…