Official 2020 SLB Keepers

In anticipation of the 2020 Salmon League Baseball keeper deadline – Saturday, February 29th at 5:00pm Central – we’ll be tracking all of the announced keeper selections.

If you’re plotting your draft preparations around this information, please note that none of these choices are technically official or locked in place until the deadline has come and gone.

Radioactive Rush

Draft Priority: 1
J.D. Martinez (OF-BOS)
Jose Ramirez (3B-CLE)
Mike Clevinger (SP-CLE)

Jack Sparow Flag-01Captain Jack

Draft Priority: 2
Mike Trout (OF-LAA)
Fernando Tatis Jr. (SS-SD)
Patrick Corbin (SP-WAS)

groundhogface002The Groundhogs

Draft Priority: 3
Rafael Devers (3B-BOS)
Ronald Acuna Jr. (OF-ATL)
Gerrit Cole (SP-NYY)

seabass001SeaBass v.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Draft Priority: 4
Alex Bregman (3B/SS-HOU)
Kris Bryant (3B/OF-CHC)
Noah Syndergaard (SP-NYM)

38mph38 MPH Heaters

Draft Priority: 5
Jose Altuve (2B-HOU)
Carlos Correa (SS-HOU)
Shane Bieber (SP-CLE)

moneygrubbers001money grubbers

Draft Priority: 6
Nolan Arenado (3B-COL)
George Springer (OF-HOU)
Trevor Bauer (SP-CIN)


Draft Priority: 7
J.T. Realmuto (C-PHI)
Ozzie Albies (2B-ATL)
Charlie Morton (SP-TB)

SLB_CryingMonkeySL Disappointments

Draft Priority: 8
Javy Baez (SS-CHC)
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (3B-TOR)
Jack Flaherty (SP-STL)

dome_dog_logoDome Dog

Draft Priority: 9
Cody Bellinger (LAD-1B/OF)
Jacob deGrom (NYM-SP)
Blake Snell (TB-SP)

cheese-high-final001High Cheese

Draft Priority: 10
Freddie Freeman (1B-ATL)
Anthony Rendon (3B-LAA)
Mike Soroka (SP-ATL)


Draft Priority: 11
Francisco Lindor (SS-CLE)
Christian Yelich (OF-MIL)
Luis Castillo (SP-CIN)

beerfarts-squareGenies in a Bottle

Draft Priority: 12
Mookie Betts (OF-LAD)
Juan Soto (OF-WAS)
Justin Verlander (SP-HOU)

salmonkings-red-n-black-2019Salmon Kings

Draft Priority: 13
Bryce Harper (OF-PHI)
Trea Turner (SS-WAS)
Walker Buehler (SP-LAD)

crackerjack-alternate003cracker jack

Draft Priority: 14
Trevor Story (SS-COL)
Pete Alonso (1B-NYM)
Max Scherzer (SP-WAS)

2019 SLB Draft Power Rankings: Voted on by the People for the People


Written by: Adam Henning

Thanks to Survey Monkey gathering these results was fairly easy. What is not easy is fending off all the fricken emails they have sent me since setting this damn survey up. They are relentless! Each manager was to rank the other SLB managers’ draft from 1 to 13 – 1 being the best, 13 being the worst without voting for their own team. First place votes received 13 points, second place votes received 12, 3rd place with 11 votes, so on and so forth, with 1 point going to a ranking of 13. You get it.

I tell ya what. If you don’t know get it just raise your hand and I’ll have Tommy Boy come hit you in the head with a tack hammer because you’re a RETARD.

So, points are good. You want points.

For each ranking you will see UNADJUSTED SCORE. This score is what it sounds like – unadjusted and raw. Oh, baby I like it raw! An ADJUSTED SCORE. This score I removed each team’s highest and lowest ranking so one asshole can’t fuck with the rankings one way or another. It takes multiple assholes to score you higher or lower. The other data listed is self-explanatory. The rankings below are listed from 14th to 1st based on the ADJUSTED SCORE Rankings. There wasn’t much difference between the raw and adjusted really – only change was a flip-flop of 7th/8th place and created a tie at 10th/11th.

beerfarts-square14th – Genies in a Bottle
Unadjusted Score: 44
Adjusted Score: 35
Highest Ranking: 6th
Lowest Ranking: 13th
First Place Votes: HAHA, NO
Last-Place Votes: 3

Yasiel Puig. That is all. Grant had more last place votes so there’s that?

radioactiverush00113th – Radioactive Rush
Unadjusted Score: 46
Adjusted Score: 36
Highest Ranking: 5th
Lowest Ranking: 13th
First Place Votes: ZILCH
Last-Place Votes: 4

Grant received more last-place votes than any other manager but still managed to beat Jeremiah. Holy ballsacks Batman. I, personally, voted Grant last with a bullet despite Yasiel Puig.

SLB_CryingMonkey12th – Salmon League Disappointments
Unadjusted Score: 48
Adjusted Score: 39
Highest Ranking: 6th
Lowest Ranking: 13th
First Place Votes: ZIPPO
Last-Place Votes: 3

Johnny had seven managers rank his draft 12th or 13th but the other six managers rated his draft from 6th to 9th.

insaneaudio-new-logo11th – InSaNeAuDiO
Unadjusted Score: 60
Adjusted Score: 49
Highest Ranking: 5th
Lowest Ranking: 13th
First Place Votes: ZERO
Last-Place Votes: 0

No last-place votes is a win. We all knew Jesse was the better Graves – this exercise just confirms it.

seabass00110th – Sea Bass
Unadjusted Score: 62
Adjusted Score: 49
Highest Ranking: 2nd
Lowest Ranking: 13th
First Place Votes: NIL
Last-Place Votes: 2

Craig managed to get someone crazy enough to rank his draft second best but also had two managers rate him with the worst. Tell me how that works? His draft is tied for the highest variance, which means nobody knows what the hell is going on. Seems like managers either loved it or hated it but since he is ranked 10th it seems more for the latter. Sorry Craiggers. Let’s hope an early return on Severino.

cheese-high-final0019th – High Cheese
Unadjusted Score: 84
Adjusted Score: 71
Highest Ranking: 3rd
Lowest Ranking: 12th
First Place Votes: TRY AGAIN
Last-Place Votes: 0

Meh. Nothing too high. Nothing too low. It is rather funny to me that the 9th, 8th, and 7th ranked teams had a manager rank these teams higher than the 5th or 6th ranked team. Consistency is key I guess. High Cheese is the worst of the average tier.

Morgan = JetHawks8th – 38 MPH Heaters
Unadjusted Score: 86
Adjusted Score: 74
Highest Ranking: 3rd
Lowest Ranking: 13th
First Place Votes: OF COURSE NOT
Last-Place Votes: 2

The highest ranked manager that managed to draw last-place votes. Maybe people just hate Morgan. He did manage three 4th place votes, though.

zima-47th – ZIMA
Unadjusted Score: 88
Adjusted Score: 73
Highest Ranking: 2nd
Lowest Ranking: 11th
First Place Votes: NOT THIS YEAR
Last-Place Votes: 0

Jack Sparow Flag-016th – Captain Jack
Unadjusted Score: 98
Adjusted Score: 83
Highest Ranking: 4th
Lowest Ranking: 9th
First Place Votes: WRONG
Last-Place Votes: 0

dome_dog_logo5th – Dome Dog
Unadjusted Score: 99
Adjusted Score: 85
Highest Ranking: 4th
Lowest Ranking: 10th
First Place Votes: DOUGHNUT
Last-Place Votes: 0

Dome Dog barely sneaks past Captain Jack for the best of the average – thanks to Levi and Morgan’s vote which, were the last two polls to come through. 8 votes ranking 6th or better – I will take it. Nobody loved it but nobody hated it – except Grant who ranked it 10th. But, what does he know?

groundhogface0024th – The Groundhogs
Unadjusted Score: 121
Adjusted Score: 105
Highest Ranking: 1st
Lowest Ranking: 11th
First Place Votes: 1
Last-Place Votes: 0

Only four teams received first-place votes and The Groundhogs was one of them. Jay’s draft tied with Craig’s with the highest variance. Somebody really hated his draft but seven votes in the top 3 is the reason Jay is ranked 4th.

crackerjack-alternate0033rd – Cracker Jack
Unadjusted Score: 135
Adjusted Score: 116
Highest Ranking: 1st
Lowest Ranking: 8th
First Place Votes: 2
Last-Place Votes: 0

Kunkels. Kunkels. Kunkels. Ewww.

salmonkings-red-n-black-20192nd – Salmon Kings
Unadjusted Score: 150
Adjusted Score: 128
Highest Ranking: 1st
Lowest Ranking: 5th
First Place Votes: 4
Last-Place Votes: 0

All 13 votes slotted him within the top 5. Sadly, its only good enough for second best. Hell, it doesn’t even give him the title of highest-rated Kunkel!

moneygrubbers4life1st – Money Grubbers
Unadjusted Score: 153
Adjusted Score: 136
Highest Ranking: 1st
Lowest Ranking: 10th
First Place Votes: 7
Last-Place Votes: 0

Mike dominated the rankings and it really wasn’t all that close. Seven first-place votes is pretty damn impressive. That 10th place vote? One of your brothers doesn’t like you very much, Mike. I will let you figure out which one it was. Kind of funny his shittiest ranking came from a fellow Kunkel. I can’t wait to watch Mike blow it again this year.



Draft Review and Rankings 2018


It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack…

As always, I want to make it very clear that there is no science or metrics (or legitimacy) to these rankings. It is completely subjective and based on my opinions toward players, their value, their abilities, and where/when you drafted them in relation to my perceived views of value elsewhere in the draft.

Just because I ranked you near the bottom doesn’t mean you won’t/can’t win this thing.

I’ve had a lot of people take these things personally over the years and that’s just silly pants, don’t be silly pants. It’s all opinion.

That having been said, there are a few rules I tried to stick to when doing the rankings.

I tried to avoid using any players you’ve acquired since the draft and – aside from occasional mentions – I tried to avoid factoring your keepers into your team strength. I really wanted to focus on JUST the draft itself. Obviously, as I re-read this, I screwed up given that this was written over a course of many days. Some of your rankings will include more references to keepers than others. This is an imperfect science.

As always, I’d love some feedback – love it, hate it, wish I’d die in a chemical fire – hit me with it.

Alrighty, enough of me rambling, let’s do this thing, without any further ado; here is the 2018 Draft Review and Rankings…

Continue reading

2018 Draft Rankings


2018 SLB Draft Rankings

Rank Fantasy Pros Rank Salmon Kings Rank Commish Gut Rank
1 Genies in a Bottle The Groundhogs cracker jack
2 Captain Jack SL Disappointments Genies in a Bottle
3 cracker jack Genies in a Bottle Salmon Kings
4 The Groundhogs Salmon Kings High Cheese
5 ZIMA cracker jack money grubbers
6 money grubbers money grubbers ZIMA
7 High Cheese Dome Dog Captain Jack
8 38 MPH Heaters Captain Jack The Groundhogs
9 Dome Dog 38 MPH Heaters SL Disappointments
10 Radioactive Rush ZIMA Dome Dog
11 Salmon Kings High Cheese 38 MPH Heaters
12 SeaBass v.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Radioactive Rush Radioactive Rush
13 SL Disappointments InSaNeAuDiO SeaBass v.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
14 InSaNeAuDiO SeaBass v.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ InSaNeAuDiO

Official 2018 Keepers

This page will be updated when keepers are either made public by an owner or after the deadline when all keepers need to be submitted to the commissioner.

The deadline is 5pm (Central) on Saturday, March 10th.

*Note: Remember that a rule was enacted in 2016, via Commissioner Decree, regarding teams who miss the deadline for keeper submission. Any team that doesn’t submit their keepers by the deadline, will be assigned the highest ranking pitcher and position player on their roster according to Yahoo’s preseason rankings. The third keeper will be determined by the next highest preseason ranking, regardless of the player’s position.


Official Keepers:
Aaron Judge (NYY-OF)
Andrew Benintendi (BOS-OF)
Clayton Kershaw (LAD–SP)

Draft Priority: 1

radioactiverush001Radioactive Rush

Official Keepers:
Paul Goldschmidt (ARI–1B)
Jose Ramirez (CLE-2B/3B)
Robbie Ray (ARI-SP)

Draft Priority: 2

dome_dog_logoDome Dog

Official Keepers:
Corey Seager (LAD–SS)
Cody Bellinger (LAD-1B/OF)
Jacob deGrom (NYM–SP)

Draft Priority: 3

seabass001Sea Bass v13.0

Official Keepers:
Kris Bryant (CHC–3B/OF)
Kyle Schwarber (CHC-OF)
Noah Syndergaard (NYM–SP)

Draft Priority: 4

The Groundhogsgroundhog003

Official Keepers:
Manny Machado (BAL-3B)
Trea Turner (WAS-SS)
José Berríos (MIN-SP)

Draft Priority: 5

SLDSL Disappointments

Official Keepers:
Gary Sanchez (NYY-C)
Miguel Sano (MIN-3B)
Chris Archer (TB-SP)

Draft Priority: 6

38mph00138 MPH Heaters

Official Keepers:
Carlos Correa (HOU-SS)
Jose Altuve (HOU–2B)
Madison Bumgarner (SF–SP)

Draft Priority: 7


Official Keepers:
Miguel Cabrera (DET–1B)
Jake Lamb (ARI-3B)
Johnny Cueto (SF-SP)

Draft Priority: 8

Salmon Kingssalmonkings003

Official Keepers:
Mike Trout (LAA–OF)
Jonathan Schoop (BAL-2B)
Aaron Nola (PHI-SP)

Draft Priority: 9

Genies in a Bottlegenies2016

Official Keepers:
Mookie Betts (BOS–OF)
George Springer (HOU-OF)
Corey Kluber (CLE–SP)

Draft Priority: 10

cheese-high-final001High Cheese

Official Keepers:
Freddie Freeman (ATL–1B/3B)
Anthony Rizzo (CHC–1B/2B)
Luis Severino (NYY-SP)

Draft Priority: 11

Mr. Magoo, co-created by animation legend John Hubley. Mr. Magoomoney grubbers

Official Keepers:
Nolan Arenado (COL–3B)
Giancarlo Stanton (NYY-OF)
Chris Sale (BOS–SP)

Draft Priority: 12

cracker jackcrackerjack-alternate003

Official Keepers:
Joey Votto (CIN–1B)
Charlie Blackmon (COL-OF)
Max Scherzer (WAS–SP)

Draft Priority: 13

Jack Sparow Flag-01Captain Jack

Official Keepers:
Bryce Harper (WAS–OF)
Josh Donaldson (TOR-3B)
Stephen Strasburg (WAS-SP)

Draft Priority: 14