Bets 2018

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Bets for the 2018 Season

Bet #1
Justin will keep Byron Buxton.
Collin = Yes | Justin = No
Bet: $1

Future Bet 2017-2021

Beginning in 2017 and continuing until 2021, every year that Travis’ official keepers are his “big three for the future” (aka: Giancarlo Stanton, Bryce Harper, and Jose Fernandez)…Jeremiah will pay Travis $1 on draft day. Every year that those three are NOT his keepers, Travis will pay Jeremiah $1 on draft day.
*No injury exemption

Future Bet 2017-2020

The Braves will make the playoffs at least once in 2017, 2018, 2019, or 2020.
Levi = Yes | Morgan = No
Bet: $1

Future Bet 2017-Mookie Betts Retires

Mookie Betts will match or exceed his 2016 WAR (7.8 via Fangraphs) again in his career.
Graves = Yes | Justinger = No
Bet: $1
*No injury exemption.
*The bet is open-ended until Betts either achieves the goal or retires. The winner will earn $1 in total, not yearly.

Future Bet 2017-TBD

Who will win the SLB Championship first?
Jay = Jay | Steven = Steven
Bet: $5

Who will win the SLB Championship first?
G-Doggy = G-Doggy | John = John
Bet: $1

Non-SLB Bet

G-Doggy will get $275,000 when he sells his house in Primghar, Iowa.
G-Doggy = Yes | Graves = HAHAHAHA no way…it’s f’n Primghar, Iowa!
Bet: $1


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