Amendment Proposals

This is pretty much how I view the amendment voting process every year. Do with that what you will...

This page is intended to be a landing spot for all proposed amendments during the 2020 Salmon League season.

If there is something you’d like to see changed that will improve the level of competition or further aid in the overall enjoyment of our league beginning in the 2021 season, please propose it in the comments.

We will refer back to these proposals at the end of the 2020 season and vote on any that have been endorsed by at minimum two additional members of the league. Any proposal that does not meet this requirement will not be put up for vote.

Please remember, when posting a potential amendment, be very clear in the change you’re looking to enact. Long, rambling, multi-faceted proposals are not likely to be endorsed.

Only put one proposed change per post. Do not include multiple proposals in one post or it is far too complicated for it to get accurately endorsed.

When endorsing a proposed amendment, REPLY to the original post. If endorsements are not in-line with the original proposal – reading an “I endorse this!” comment halfway down the page makes it impossible to tell which proposal you’re endorsing.

Additionally, when endorsing an amendment proposal – be very clear that this is what you are doing. A “yeah, that sounds cool” is not an official endorsement.

Lemme hear it...

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