Changes for the COVID-Shortened 2020 Season

06-25-20 Covid Baseball

Per the commissioner’s announcement from last month, the voting members of the Salmon League Baseball executive committee voted on proposals to improve play in the COVID-19 shortened 2020 season.

There were three questions in play involving the schedule/playoffs and roster construction.

The first question regarding the schedule/playoffs offered a number of options including:

Option 1 – No changes to current format
Regular Season: 5 weeks
Playoffs: 6 teams/3 weeks (weeks 6-8)

Option 2 – Move playoffs back a week
Regular Season: 6 weeks
Playoffs: 6 teams/3 weeks (weeks 7-9)

Option 3 – Reduce playoffs, expand regular season
Regular Season: 7 weeks
Playoffs: 4 teams/2 weeks (weeks 8-9)

Option 4 – Expand playoffs
Regular Season: 6 weeks
Playoffs: 8 teams/3 weeks (weeks 7-9)

Option 5 – No playoffs – Best Record Wins
Regular Season: 9 weeks
Playoffs: None

Option 6 – Cancel the whole thing and give the Genies the pennant and championship right now!

Owners were asked to rank the ideas from their most to least preferred. Ultimately, after the first round of voting, there was a three-way tie between Options 2-4. A second wave of ranked voting was done and a clear winner was chosen.

We will be expanding the playoff field in both the championship and consolation brackets to eight teams. This will elongate the regular season by a week over the current setup and ensures each team gets to continue participating in the postseason for at least two weeks to settle the final standings.

This is the best overall option for giving managers the most bang for their buck in terms of games played in the 2020 season. The consolation round will, as always, be played for draft priority in the 2021 SLB Draft to ensure no one tanks.

Two additional questions were on the docket regarding roster expansion.

We will be adding a second NA roster slot that is only for players who have opted out due to COVID (primarily intended for potential keepers) and/or for players who are on leave (ie: parental, bereavement, etc.). Teams are not to use the second NA for stashing prospects. Any team found in violation of this rule, will lose both players occupying NA slots. The commissioner will drop them from that club’s roster and the players will be placed on waivers.

We will be adding an extra bench slot for similar purposes. This bench slot is intended to be a sixth IL slot, to account for Yahoo’s limitation of five IL slots in the system. Only players listed on the IL are allowed in this roster slot. Once a player is removed from the IL a team has 24 hours to make a corresponding roster move. Any team found in violation of this rule, will lose the player occupying the IL bench slot. The commissioner will drop them from that club’s roster and the player will be placed on waivers. Unfortunately, Yahoo is a punk-bitch and this has imploded rather quickly. Due to additional loopholes, we opted to dump the extra bench slot altogether and go back to four total bench slots, but Yahoo will not allow us to lower the bench slots once they’re set to five because…reasons?! As such, we are doing a mini-one round supplemental draft from the FA pool to fill the final roster spot. The purpose of the draft and mini-freeze on roster changes is to give every team an equitable chance to add players and not give a competitive advantage to the folks who are online at the moment.

These changes are official for the 2020 season. The league will revert back to traditional rules — and any changes brought about via the traditional amendment process — in 2021.