SLB Amendment Voting Results

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The amendments have been proposed. The votes have been cast. The results have been tallied.

In a stunning example of efficiency, we managed to get the entire league to vote on this round of proposed amendments in under 24 hours. Praise be to the almighty SurveyMonkey gods!

As always, the results are here for you to see, no hidden tallies or secret agendas.

Enough preamble, let’s jump right into the voting results:

Amendment 1: Allow Direct NA/DL Pickups

Proposal: Activate the new Yahoo feature that allows teams to add NA/DL players directly to an available NA/DL slot on a team’s roster without having to first drop a player and add the NA/DL player to the active roster before moving them to available NA/DL slots.

Voting Results: YES = 8 | NO = 6


Impact: Beginning in 2020, teams can acquire free agent NA/DL players directly to unoccupied NA/DL roles on their roster without a corresponding roster move.

Amendment 2: Alter Pitching Stats

Proposal: Alter the existing scoring stats for pitching by adding “Quality Starts” and combining “Holds + Saves” into a single scoring category. This maintains the existing 7×7 scoring structure.

Voting Results: YES = 10 | NO = 3 | ABSTAIN = 1


Impact: Beginning in 2020, we’ll add QS and combined H+SV into a single scoring category for pitchers.