SLB Amendment Voting Results


The amendments have been proposed. The votes have been cast. The results have been tallied.

In a stunning example of efficiency, we managed to get the entire league to vote on this round of proposed amendments in under 24 hours. Needless to say, this is a brand-new record for SLB voting. Praise be to the almighty SurveyMonkey gods!

As always, the results are here for you to see, no hidden tallies or secret agendas.

Enough preamble, let’s jump right into the voting results:

Amendment #1 – Weekly Acquisitions Limit

Proposal: Institute a limit on player acquisitions of 5 per week (120/season – counting the playoffs)

Proposed: Steven

Endorsed: Travis and Mike


Result: There will be no change. We will continue without any limits on player acquisitions for 2018.


Amendment #2 – Increase DL Roster Spots

Proposal: Increase the DL roster spots from five to six.

Proposed: Adam

Endorsed: Mike and Justin


Result: Once the option to edit league settings is live, we will determine if Yahoo allows for more than five DL roster slots. If it does, we will add an additional DL roster slot bringing the total per team to six. If not, we will remain at five DL roster slots.


Amendment #3 – Increase Minimum Innings Pitched

Proposal: Increase the minimum innings pitched from 15/week to 25/week.

Proposed: Justin

Endorsed: Mike and Steven


Result: The weekly minimum innings pitched per team will be raised from 15 IP to 25 IP for the 2018 season.


Amendment #4 – Begin the Playoffs Earlier

Proposal: Move the start of the postseason up one week from week 23 to week 22 to avoid the last week of the regular season when many teams are resting regulars for the playoffs.

Proposed: Justin

Endorsed: Travis and Grant


Result: The playoffs will begin one week earlier in week 22 and conclude in week 24. Yahoo’s descriptions don’t make it 100% clear if week 24 will become a two week championship – thus still including the final week of the regular season – or if the championship will wrap with one week remaining. There was also no addendum to move the trade deadline to correlate with the earlier playoff, this may be worth consideration for next off-season.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So there you have it. We’ve got a few changes coming to the league in 2018 including a new minimum innings pitched, an earlier start to the postseason, and (potentially) an additional DL-slot to account for the new, far more liberal use of the 10-day DL in MLB. Democracy in action, y’all.

For now, I want to say thank you to those of you who took the time to vote and for our usual boatload of lively debate throughout the year.

I’ll reset the Amendments Page right here on the SLBlog to open up the floor for new amendment proposals that would impact the 2019 (holy shit) season and beyond.

2017 SLB Bets Results


The tradition of the $1 bet in the Salmon League began many moons ago between Mike and Graves as a spin-off of their NFBC $1 bets. Over the years, more and more teams have gotten in on the tradition. It has grown in prominence to the point that a portion of the draft day agenda is denoted for the “paying of the bets and public shaming.”

Now that the 2017 season is officially in the books, I’ve tallied up the results of the 2017 betting action. Be sure to bring plenty of $1 bills along to the draft to pay your debts.

2017 Bets

Bet #1a
Morgan will make the playoffs and Graves will not.
Morgan = Yes | Graves = No
Bet: $1
Status: Graves wins | Morgan missed the playoffs and Graves was the six-seed

Bet #1b
If Morgan and Graves both make the playoffs whomever is the higher seed wins $1.
Morgan = #TeamMorgan | Graves = #TeamGraves
Bet: $1
Status: VOID | …because Morgan missed the playoffs

Bet #2
Higher end of the season ranking: Sea Bass v12.0 vs InSaNeAuDiO
Craiggers = Sea Bass v12.0 | G-Doggy = InSaNeAuDiO
Bet: $1
Status: Craiggers wins | Craiggers = 10th | G-Doggy = 13th

Bet #3
Graves will return to the playoffs in 2017.
Graves = Yes | Craiggers = No
Bet: 40oz Coors Light
Status: Graves wins | Graves was the six-seed

Bet #4
Graves will win the SLB championship in 2017.
Graves = Yes | John = No
Bet: $1
Status: John wins | Graves finished in sixth place

Bet #5
Better end of the season ranking in Yahoo: Manny Machado vs Bryce Harper.
Justin = Machado | Travis = Harper
Bet: DVD – “A League of Their Own”
*No Injury Exemption
Status: Travis wins | Harper = 58 | Machado = 106

Bet #6
Miguel Sano will hit 35 home runs in 2017.
Justin = Over | John = Under
Bet: $1
*Injury Exemption (ie: Minimum 15 Day DL Stint) Voids the Bet
Status: VOID | via injury exemption

Bet #7
Mike will draft Trea Turner in the 2017 draft.
Justin = Yes | Craiggers = No
Bet: $1
Status: Justin wins | Mike took Turner 1.1

Bet #8
Paul Goldschmidt will have 10.5 or more stolen bases in 2017.
Grant = Over | Justinger = Under
Bet: $1
*No Injury Exemption
Status: Grant wins | Goldy stole 18 bases

Bet #9
Evan Longoria will have 75.5 or more extra base hits in 2017.
Steven = Over | Adam = Under
Bet: $1
*Injury Exemption (ie: Minimum 15 Day DL Stint) Voids the Bet
Status: Adam wins | Longoria hit 58 XBH

Bet #10
Cody Allen will have 40.5 or more saves in 2017.
Levi = Over | Adam = Under
Bet: Bag of Gardetto’s
*No Injury Exemption
Status: Adam wins | Allen earned 30 saves

Bet #11
Highest end of the season ranking in Yahoo: Evan Longoria vs Jake Lamb.
Steven = Longoria | Justinger = Lamb
Bet: $1
*No Injury Exemption
Status: Justin wins | Lamb = 32 | Longoria = 157

Bet #12
Highest end of the season ranking in Yahoo: Jorge Soler vs Yasiel Puig.
Justin = Soler | Morgan = Puig
Bet: $1
*No Injury Exemption
Status: Morgan wins | Puig = 140 | Soler = 1197

Bet #13
Felix Hernandez will have an ERA of 3.64 in 2017.
Justin = Under | Levi = Over
Bet: $1
*No Injury Exemption
Status: Levi wins | Hernandez’s ERA was 4.36

Bet #14a
G-Doggy will make the playoffs in 2017.
G-Doggy = Yes | Travis = No
Bet: $1
Status: Travis wins | G-Doggy missed the playoffs

Bet #14b
G-Doggy will make the playoffs in 2017.
G-Doggy = Yes | Graves= No
Bet: $1
Status: Graves wins | G-Doggy missed the playoffs

Bet #14c
G-Doggy will make the playoffs in 2017.
G-Doggy = Yes | Justinger = No
Bet: $1
Status: Justin wins | G-Doggy missed the playoffs

Bet #15
Levi will return to the playoffs in 2017.
Levi = Yes | G-Doggy = No
Bet: $1
Status: Levi wins | Levi was the four-seed

Bet #16
John will miss the playoffs in 2017.
John = Yes | Jay = No
Bet: $1
Status: John wins | John missed the playoffs

Future Bet 2017-2021

Beginning in 2017 and continuing until 2021, every year that Travis’ official keepers are his “big three for the future” (aka: Giancarlo Stanton, Bryce Harper, and Jose Fernandez)…Jeremiah will pay Travis $1 on draft day. Every year that those three are NOT his keepers, Travis will pay Jeremiah $1 on draft day.
*No injury exemption
Status: Graves wins again in 2018. Stanton plays elsewhere now. Travis could (and probably will) reacquire him at least once, if not multiple times, between now and 2021 so this could change in the future.

Future Bet 2017-2020

The Braves will make the playoffs at least once in 2017, 2018, 2019, or 2020.
Levi = Yes | Morgan = No
Bet: $1
Status: TBD

Future Bet 2017-Mookie Betts Retires

Mookie Betts will match or exceed his 2016 WAR (7.8 via Fangraphs) again in his career.
Graves = Yes | Justinger = No
Bet: $1
*No injury exemption.
*The bet is open-ended until Betts either achieves the goal or retires. The winner will earn $1 in total, not yearly.
Status: TBD

Future Bet 2017-TBD

Who will win the SLB Championship first?
Jay = Jay | Steven = Steven
Bet: $5
Status: TBD

Who will win the SLB Championship first?
G-Doggy = G-Doggy | John = John
Bet: $1
Status: TBD

Non-SLB Bet

G-Doggy will get $275,000 when he sells his house in Primghar, Iowa.
G-Doggy = Yes | Graves = HAHAHAHA no way…it’s f’n Primghar, Iowa!
Bet: $1
Status: TBD (as of 10/10/2017 – will update if the house sells before the draft)