SLB Amendment Voting Results


We only had one amendment proposal that received enough support to be up for vote this offseason and in damn-near an hour enough of the votes were cast to make a determination on the outcome of that amendment.

I’ve waited to post until all of the votes were officially in, but this one was over pretty quickly last night with a landslide victory for Mike’s draft time limit proposal.

Amusingly enough, there are a number of people who apparently didn’t actually read the proposal before voting on it and/or lack basic comprehension skills as they didn’t understand it or assumed it meant something else.

So yeah, the education system is doing great work. I’m sure the Trump administration will only further these efforts.

Anyway, without any further ado, let’s look at the final breakdown of votes:

Amendment #1 – Draft  Time Limit

Proposal: Establish a five minute time allotment for each pick. If a team has not made a pick within that five minute window, the next team can pick as soon as the clock hits zero. At that time the five minute allotment begins again. If the team fails to make a selection in that five minutes the next team can make their selection. This continues until the original team has made a selection.

Proposed: Big Magoo

Endorsed: Phteven, Justinger, and TCB