SLB Amendment Voting Results


In record time (almost) all of the votes were cast and we’ve received enough feedback to make determinations regarding the five amendments that met the requirements for voting this off-season.

There will be very few major changes and only one that figures to have any real impact on strategy or gamesmanship, even though, only at the very beginning of the season. All-in-all, these seem like some solid decisions for the overall health of the league.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the voting results:

Amendment #1

Proposal: Draft order is announced on Friday night.
Proposed: Travis
Supported: Steven, Grant, & Adam


Results: There will be no change and the draft order will be announced prior to the draft on Saturday.

Amendment #2

Proposal: Increase league membership to 16 teams.
Proposed: Steven
Supported: Justin & Adam


Results: Nope, not happening. The league will remain at 14 teams and, hopefully, Steven will stop pushing for expansion that has zero support from literally anyone else in the league, not even the guys who endorsed the proposal.

Amendment #3

Proposal: If a team attempts to draft a player that has already been selected, the manager of that team must take a shot.
Proposed: Graves
Supported: Grant, Justin, & Craiggers


Results: Yep, shots. If a team attempts to draft a player who is already rostered by another club, the entire draft will stop until they’ve taken a shot. The shot taker can pick their poison. It can be beer or cider or water or Gatorade or hard alcohol…as long as they take a shot, the draft can continue.

Amendment #4

Proposal: The winner of the 5th and 6th place playoff game gets higher draft priority.
Proposed: Justin
Supported: Graves & Adam


Results: The winner of the 5/6th place playoff game will gain higher draft priority. This will provide incentive for both teams to put forth their best effort and not tank the week for higher draft priority.

Amendment #5

Proposal: All non-drafted players are placed on waivers following the draft.
Proposed: Steven
Supported: Justin & Adam


Results: All non-drafted players will begin the 2016 SLB season on waivers, rather than as free agents. This will alleviate the “free for all” nature that usually follows immediately after rosters are made live and will require owners to contemplate using their waiver priority and FAAB to grab a player that slipped through the draft or to fill a position they bypassed in the draft.