Grant’s 2015 Draft Rankings


Grant Morfitt – general manager of Radioactive Rush and absentee drafter – has put together some rankings for the 2015 SLB draft.

Here’s how he put these rankings together: “I averaged out projection from ZiPS, Streamer, and Forcaster, with just our draft guys, pitted the numbers in each category against each other and then added them up to get a rank. Here would be the best teams w/o keepers based on those three projection systems.”

There you have it, without any further ado, here are Grant’s 2015 SLB Draft Rankings:

14. Radioactive Rush
13. Genies in a Bottle
12. Dome Dog
11. money grubbers
10. InSaNeAuDiO
09. Captain Jack Sparrow
08. Sea Bass v10.0
07. ZIMA
06. TheFightingFernandos
05. High Cheese
04. Dominators
03. 38 MPH Heaters
02. cracker jack
01. SL Disappointments

What do you think? Does this look right to you or do you think Grant missed the mark?

Let’s hear it in the comments.


One thought on “Grant’s 2015 Draft Rankings

  1. Adam Henning March 30, 2015 / 3:42 pm

    This made me LOL! Did you consider the team as a whole or did you separate the bench guys from the starters? I feel like these ranking are largely skewed by the configuration of a roster/strategy.


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