SLB 2015 Undeniably Way Too Early Keeper Predictions

2015 Keeper Predictions

The world (read: like, maybe three of you?) is clamoring for some SLBlog content as we draw nearer and nearer to spring training, keeper announcements, and – eventually – the 2015 SLB Draft in picturesque Marshall, Minnesota.

As such, I’ve thrown together a quick piece giving some way-way-way too early keeper predictions for each team. I know most clubs have a solid handle on who they’re likely to keep, but a lot can happen between now and the keeper declaration deadline, so these predictions could be waaaaaay off for a number of teams.

I’ve included some dark horse keeper candidates for teams as well. This was done for a number of reasons: potential injury, uncertainty at certain position, temptation to keep a hot young prospect, and/or my own indecision when attempting to choose between some players.

So, without any further ado…here are the way-way-way too early keeper predictions.

money grubbers

moneygrubbers001Keeper Prediction:
Andrew McCutchen (Pit – OF)
Jason Kipnis (Cle – 2B)
Corey Kluber (Cle – SP)

Dark Horse(s): Nolan Arenado (Col – 3B) & Corey Dickerson (Col – OF)
Draft Priority: 1

Genies in a Bottle

geniesinabottle001Keeper Prediction:
Adrian Beltre (Tex – 3B)
Carlos Gonzalez (Col – OF)
Gio Gonzalez (Was – SP)

Dark Horse(s): Rusney Castillo (Bos – OF), Jayson Werth (Was – OF), & Homer Bailey (Cin – SP)
Draft Priority: 2


zima001Keeper Prediction:
Robinson Cano (Sea – 2B)
Prince Fielder (Tex – 1B)
Clayton Kershaw (LAD – SP)

Dark Horse(s): Buster Posey (SF – C, 1B)
Draft Priority: 3

Sea Bass v10.0

seabass001Keeper Prediction:
Carlos Gomez (Mil – OF)
David Wright (NYM – 3B)
Madison Bumgarner (SF – SP)

Dark Horse(s): Adrian Gonzalez (LAD – 1B) & Kris Bryant (ChC – 3B)
Draft Priority: 4

SL Disappointments

sldisappointments001Keeper Prediction:
Jose Bautista (Tor – 1B, OF)
Hunter Pence (SF – OF)
Cliff Lee (Phi – SP)

Dark Horse(s): Mat Latos (Mia – SP), Matt Kemp (SD – OF), & Kyle Seager (Sea – 3B)
Draft Priority: 5

Dome Dog

dome_dog_logoKeeper Prediction:
George Springer (Hou – OF)
Troy Tulowitzki (Col – SS)
Chris Sale (CWS – SP)

Dark Horse(s): Justin Upton (SD – OF) & Cole Hamels (Phi – SP)
Draft Priority: 6

Radioactive Rush

radioactiverush001Keeper Prediction:
Adam Jones (Bal – OF)
Paul Goldschmidt (Ari – 1B)
Matt Harvey (NYM – SP)

Dark Horse(s): Jacob deGrom (NYM – SP)
Draft Priority: 7


Keeper Prediction:
Miguel Cabrera (Det – 1B)
Todd Frazier (Cin – 1B, 3B)
James Shields (TBD – SP)

Dark Horse(s): Hyun-jin Ryu (LAD – SP), Scott Kazmir (Oak – SP), Shin-Soo Choo (Tex – OF), & Wil Myers (SD – OF)
Draft Priority: 8

Note: There is a 93.7% chance he still keeps CC Sabathia…and attempts to draft both Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera before the 15th round.


dominators-logoKeeper Prediction:
Mike Trout (LAA – OF)
Anthony Rizzo (ChC – 1B)
Felix Hernandez (Sea – SP)

Dark Horse(s): Mookie Betts (Bos – 2B, SS, OF)
Draft Priority: 9

captainjack003Captain Jack Sparrow

Keeper Prediction:
Yasiel Puig (LAD – OF)
Starlin Castro (Chi – SS)
Max Scherzer (Was – SP)

Dark Horse(s): Pablo Sandoval (Bos – 3B) & Michael Brantley (Cle – OF)
Draft Priority: 10

cracker jack

crackerjack001Keeper Prediction:
Hanley Ramirez (Bos – SS,OF)
Bryce Harper (Was – OF)
Stephen Strasburg (Was – SP)

Dark Horse(s): Adam Wainwright (StL – SP) & Matt Holliday (StL – OF)
Draft Priority: 11

High Cheese

highcheese001Keeper Prediction:
Freddie Freeman (Atl – 1B)
Anthony Rendon (Was – 2B,3B)
David Price (Det – SP)

Dark Horse(s): Jason Heyward (StL – OF)
Draft Priority: 12

fernando rodneyTheFightingFernandos

Keeper Prediction:
Ryan Bruan (Mil – OF)
Jose Abreu (CWS – 1B)
Zack Greinke (LAD – SP)

Dark Horse(s): Evan Longoria (TB – 3B) & Jacoby Ellsbury (NYY – OF)
Draft Priority: 13

38 MPH Heaters

38mphKeeper Prediction:
Giancarlo Stanton (Mia – OF)
Josh Donaldson (Tor – 3B)
Yu Darvish (Tex – SP)

Dark Horse(s): Ian Desmond (Was – SS)
Draft Priority: 14

SLB Amendment Voting Results

By: Commissioner Graves

2015 Amendments

In an odd-twist from the many, many times we have voted on amendments in the past – only one, singular proposal received enough support for voting this year.

Needless to say, the voting shouldn’t have been too burdensome for anyone, what with there being just one yes or no question to deal with on the ballot. That having been said, we only received votes from 12 out of 14 team owners, so that’s something special. Luckily, neither of the two additional votes could have swayed the end result, so their laziness – while pathetic and certainly warranting personal embarrassment and shame – has done nothing to impact the league in a negative fashion.

As always, the voting results are here for you to see, no hidden tallies or secret agendas.

Enough preamble, let’s jump right into the voting results:

Amendment Proposal: K vs K/9

Should SLB scoring for pitchers move from total strikeouts per week to strikeouts per nine innings?

Proposed by: Steven Kunkel
Endorsed by: Adam Hennig & Justin Kunkel

Voting Results:

2015 Amendment Proposal

What this Means: There will be no changes to our current scoring setup for the 2015 season.

* * * * * * * *

So there you have it. We’ve got no changes coming to the league in 2015. Democracy in action, y’all.

For now, I want to say thank you to those of you who took the time to vote and for our usual boatload of lively debate throughout the year.

I’ll reset the Amendments Page right here on the SLBlog to open up the floor for new amendment proposals.