Steven’s Way Too Early 2014 Draft Predictions

Predicting the SLB's Future
Originally posted on the Salmon League Baseball message board by 2013 Salmon League Champion, Steven Kunkel…

I’m pulling more of a “season ends right this second because of an asteroid and us 14 guys and all of the major league baseball players are the only people who live through it” (because it makes me feel good in a world that’s still 3 days away and might not happen) approach to this fun I’m about to have that only I’m interested in.

Draft Priority:

1) Collin
2) Grant
3) Morgan
4) Jeremiah
5) Jay
6) Jesse
7) Craig
8) John
9) Justin
10) Adam
11) Levi
12) Travis
13) Mike
14) Steven

Projected Keepers & Rank:

Collin: 3
– Prince Fielder
– Robinson Cano
– Clayton Kershaw
Reason: Has a TON of keeper options, but none that match these two. Unfortunately, Cano is aging, but he still has the power needed. Zima is left looking for speed in the 1st round.

Grant: 2
– Paul Goldschmidt
– Adam Jones
– James Shields
Reason: Harvey decides to go under the knife &, no, it’s not worth keeping him if that happens. Goldschmidt & Jones make up the best hitting combo keepers in the league. It’s a no-brainer.

Morgan: 8
– Dustin Pedroia
– Eric Hosmer
– Yu Darvish
Reason: Lots of talent here. Could go Myers, Stanton, Mauer , Pujols. Price, & Iwakuma. Gives Pedroia his last spin around the keeper block and settles in on the 23-year-old 1B of the future in Hosmer.

Jeremiah: 14
– David Wright
– Matt Holliday
– Gio Gonzalez
Reason: Because what else does he have?

Jay: 7
– Evan Longoria
– Ryan Braun
– Zack Greinke
Reason: Cupboard is a little bare. Could gamble on Rizzo, but it’s not worth. These were written in stone before the year began.

Jesse: 12
– Miguel Cabrera
– Allen Craig
– CC Sabathia
Reason: Should have tried to flip CC early. He’s stuck with him one more year to try and get some return. Lets Reyes walk this year. His injury history just isn’t worth the headache anymore.

Craig: 1
– Carlos Gonzalez
– Edwin Encarnacion
– Max Scherzer
Reason: Love the guys, love the keepers, not a lot to argue here.

John: 13
– Jose Bautista
– Hunter Pence
– Cliff Lee
Reason: If it wasn’t for Pence John’s keeper options would have made me really sad.

Justin: 10
– Matt Kemp
– Carlos Gomez
– Mat Latos
Reason: Justin has some options, but none of them are great. He’s kind of like this season’s Jeremiah. Lots of average 30 ADP guys. No elite guys. These two offer the most potential.

Adam: 9
– Troy Tulowitzki
– Yasiel Puig
– Justin Verlander
Reason: Tulo – great. Yasiel – viciously great. Verlander – great. 3 greats don’t make a wrong.

Travis: 4
– Hanley Ramirez
– Chris Davis
– Stephen Strasburg
Reason: WAY TOO MUCH TALENT ON ONE TEAM!!! These selections are bound to be wrong. In fact, the only reason I’m choosing Hanley for him is because he told me in trade negotiations that he was thinking about it. Those negotiations fell through.

Levi: 11
– Freddie Freeman
– Manny Machado
– Cole Hamels
Reason: Machado doesn’t have a torn ACL. Freeman doesn’t just give hugs, he hits baseballs real hard too. Hamels is the only logical pick THIS year. Levi could regret that logical pick years in the future though.

Mike: 5
– Andrew McCutchen
– Jason Kipnis
– Jose Fernandez
Reason: He hasn’t dropped Fernandez for a reason. Votto is 31 & McCutchen is ridiculous.

Steven: 6
– Mike Trout
– Jay Bruce
– Felix Hernandez
Reason: Could think about Desmond, but the picks are pretty much in stone. Trout brings the Runs, SBs, and OBP, Bruce the HRs & RBI.

1st Round Draft Pick:
1) Jesse – Bryce Harper
2) Jeremiah – Giancarlo Stanton
3) Grant – David Price
4) Craig – Joey Votto
5) Morgan – Justin Upton
6) Collin – Jacoby Ellsbury
7) Jay – Jose Reyes
8) John – Jean Segura
9) Adam – Adrian Beltre
10) Justin – Wil Myers
11) Travis – Matt Carpenter
12) Levi – Chris Sale
13) Mike – Ian Desmond
14) Steven – Albert Pujols