Justin’s Draft Rundown

I chose this photo in hopes of publicly shaming Justin for his awful White Soxian ways.
By: Justin Kunkel

The players listed below were chosen to be the eventual 2013 Most Valuable Player, Cy Young winner, and “Best Return on Investment” for each team. The only caveat was that Justin chose only from non-keeper players in an effort to keep all of the focus on the draft itself.

Justin’s original terminology “I was totally expecting this much value when I drafted him” was revamped to be “Surprise MVP,” but then I decided to go with “Best Return on Investment” as these are the guys who are most likely to provide more value than was anticipated on draft day.

Without any further ado, here is Justin’s analysis of each team:

Genies in a Bottle
MVP: Matt Holliday
Cy Young: Gio Gonzalez
Best Return on Investment: Asdrubal Cabrera

MVP: Ryan Howard
Cy Young: Josh Johnson
Best Return on Investment: Wilin Rosario

High Cheese
MVP: Freddie Freeman
Cy Young: Brett Anderson
Best Return on Investment: Brandon Belt

Sea Bass
MVP: Yoenis Cespedes
Cy Young: Max Scherzer
Best Return on Investment: Kendrys Morales

Money Grubbers
MVP: Jason Kipnis
Cy Young: Jeremy Hellickson
Best Return on Investment: Paul Maholm

S.L. Disappointment
MVP: Hunter Pence
Cy Young: Ian Kennedy
Best Return on Investment: Jesus Montero

Cracker Jack
MVP: Ike Davis
Cy Young: Matt Moore
Best Return on Investment: Kevin Youkilis

MVP: Shane Victorino
Cy Young: Ryan Vogelsong
Best Return on Investment: Michael Cuddyer

j’s team
MVP: Anthony Rizzo
Cy Young: Matt Cain
Best Return on Investment: Carl Crawford

MVP: Joe Mauer
Cy Young: Mat Latos
Best Return on Investment: Domonic Brown

38 MPH Heaters
MVP: Austin Jackson
Cy Young: Yu Darvish
Best Return on Investment: Alex Cobb

Radioactive Rush
MVP: Shin-Soo Choo
Cy Young: Homer Bailey
Best Return on Investment: Josh Beckett

Captain Jack Sparrow
MVP: Ian Kinsler
Cy Young: Jeff Samardzija
Best Return on Investment: Jon Lester

Dome Dog
MVP: Justin Morneau
Cy Young: Chris Sale
Best Return on Investment: Dustin Ackley


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