2013 Preseason Power Rankings

Steven's 2013 Pre-Season Power Rankings

By: Steven Kunkel

I’ve recently heard grumblings about my original Power Rankings article that I wrote on March 5th, 2013.  Mainly, they centered around the fact that I only used three different set of criteria that were all pretty unreliable metrics of a team’s power within the league.  Also, because one certain team ended up a bit higher than everyone imagined – I agreed with these people’s sentiment.

So, I wanted to provide an update using a couple more data points.

So without further ado, here’s the Salmon League’s Updated Power Rankings.

Because I don’t tend to care about anyone’s feelings (just like you don’t care about mine), I figured I’d take the time to update what I feel are the Salmon League’s Power Rankings.

In 2011, we did a pretty similar thing to what I’m about to accomplish to help determine our divisions and we came out with the following rankings.

Rankings Rankings
1. Genies in a Bottle 2. money grubbers
3. j’s team 4. The Dominators
5. cracker jack 6. Dome Dog
7. High Cheese 8. ZIMA
9. Radioactive Rush 10. Sea Bass
11. Captain Jack Sparrow 12. 38 MPH Heaters
13. InSaNeAuDiO 14. S.L. Disappointment


I thought this was a pretty fun way to not only determine where each team sat in the consciousness of the league as far as talent goes, but also to give a good representation of whether or not you’re currently doing well.

Personally, I thought me landing at #4, looking back on it, was a bit shocking.  Not only that, but I followed-up that #4 ranking by finishing a whopping 11th in the league in 2011.

So, I wanted to take another crack at this to not only see where divisions might shake out after two more complete years of service, but also to give an update of where we all currently stand.

To bring out a point about the above, Travis wasn’t actually ranked 11th.  I’ve replaced Gleason’s team that we voted on with Captain Jack as he purchased Gleason’s team from him at the draft table.  The above is a disservice to the team, but it’s what I have to work with at this time.

I figure I can provide my current SLB Power Rankings based on five criteria: how you finished last year, where your “projected” keepers rank, how you finish in the playoff era, where your average regular season finishes, and my rankings of each individual’s team.

Let’s figure it out:

Recent success seems to be a solid barometer of whether or not a team currently has the league figured out.  In 2011, we went through some change moving from 12 teams to 14 teams and it took some teams a short while to adapt to this changing atmosphere.  Taking last year’s finish seems to be a solid barometer to start with.  Below is where everyone shook out.

Rankings Rankings
1. High Cheese 2. j’s team
3. The Dominators 4. Genies in a Bottle
5. InSaNeAuDiO 6. cracker jack
7. money grubbers 8. Captain Jack Sparrow
9. 38 MPH Heaters 10. Sea Bass
11. ZIMA 12. SL Disappointment
13. Dome Dog 14. Radioactive Rush


Last year was a fun year for some and a not so fun year for many.  A couple of our usual powerhouses didn’t make the playoffs and a couple wild cards slid in.

While I’m not saying that recent success is the greatest use of a metric, I would say that it is pretty indicative of having a solid drafting and waiver wire strategy that might be able to be repeatable moving forward.  If so, these teams might have continued success.  If not, then the Power Rankings would obviously be updated next year.

To move on, I recently did an article that pit how each one of your projected keepers’ selection fell on the spectrum of combined ADP using mockdraftcentral’s ADP guide at the time.  I know a couple weeks have passed, but because I’m unwilling to re-do this at this time, I’m just going to go back and utilize those ADPs to help rank where each team falls in line with their currently projected keepers.

I did hear some criticisms in regards to mockdraftcentral’s ADPs after I listed these.  Namely Morgan was upset that Matt Cain was rated so low and Henning was surprised his keepers are still high.  I’m noting this concern, but mockdraftcentral has been used as a drafting guide by several SLB members in past years and I believe it can be used to accurately determine a player’s value.

Currently, based on the article I wrote a couple weeks ago, this is where each team placed in regards to their current “projected” set of keepers.

Rankings Rankings
1. ZIMA 2. Dome Dog
3. The Dominators 4. Captain Jack Sparrow
5. SL Disappointment 6. money grubbers
7. Sea Bass 8. High Cheese
9. j’s team 10. Genies in a Bottle
11. 38 MPH Heaters 12. cracker jack
13. InSaNeAuDiO 14. Radioactive Rush


Zima takes this metric with his combination of Pujols, Fielder, and Kershaw.  It is interesting to note that ZIMA has had this set of keepers for a couple of years now, but has not yet been able to crack the playoffs.  So, again, it might appear that this metric isn’t the greatest use of a team’s Power Ranking, but keepers do indicate a team’s strong points going into the season.  For example, who wouldn’t want Justin Verlander as their pitcher heading into a season?  Who wouldn’t want Miguel Cabrera as a keeper heading into the following year?

It can point to a positive direction for a team if their combined keepers tend to be strong.  It means they have more to build on and, in a way, less to worry about.

Next, we should look at a team’s overall playoff success.  Obviously, long-term success is a major part of a team’s Power Ranking.  How has everyone done in the long run of the Salmon League?  Jeremiah has made the playoffs every year since 2005, their inaugural year.  Levi has made the playoffs his only two years in the league.  Outside of taking home the golden trophy at the end of the year, making the playoffs is the first thing we all set out for at the beginning of each new SLB season.

Recently, I compiled stats that showed where each of us finishes after the postseason is complete.  Those stats showed that Genies in a Bottle has had a ton of long-term success over the long-haul of his franchise and Radioactive Rush, when in the consolation playoffs, tends to fall flat.

Below is where each one of you shook out in regards to your average playoff finish since 2005.

Rankings Rankings
1. Genies in a Bottle 2. High Cheese
3. money grubbers 4. Captain Jack Sparrow
5. cracker jack 6. j’s team
7. Dome Dog 8. The Dominators
9. Sea Bass 10. InSaNeAuDiO
11. 38 MPH Heaters 12. SL Disappointment
13. ZIMA 14. Radioactive Rush


However, as Jeremiah likes to attest, one can just get lucky in the postseason, right?  Did Henning actually have the best team in 2010?  Probably not.  He had the hottest hitter on the planet in Troy Tulowitzki and he walked home with the trophy.

No, in order to see a good long-term progression, you need to look at a team’s strength in the regular season.  After all, it’s the regular season that gets a team into the playoffs.  Teams aren’t just destined to make it, they have to show they can make it through grit and active management.

To be continuously successful over a year is not only difficult, but to do it year after year is so difficult it’s almost laughable.  Yet, we have had some teams that just dominate year in and year out.  Below is a current snapshot of where each team’s average regular season finish is compared to their peers.

Rankings Rankings
1. Genies in a Bottle 2. Captain Jack Sparrow
3. money grubbers 4. High Cheese
5. cracker jack 6. j’s team
6. The Dominators 8. Dome Dog
9. ZIMA 10. InSaNeAuDiO
10. Sea Bass 12. Radioactive Rush
13. SL Disappointment 14. 38 MPH Heaters


Lastly, I figured I would provide a small little rundown of where I believe each one of us currently lands on the Power Ranking spectrum within the Salmon League.  This is, obviously, pretty biased, but I feel like it is likely agreed upon by several within the Salmon League.  I don’t have a lot to go on, except my own personal feelings of each team and whether or not I would want to play them at a certain point in the year.  Per the below, obviously seeing money grubbers come up on the schedule scares me a bit more than seeing Radioactive Rush.  The nice thing about the below is you can always prove me wrong.

Rankings Rankings
1. Genies in a Bottle 2. money grubbers
3. cracker jack 4. Captain Jack Sparrow
5. High Cheese 6. j’s team
7. Dome Dog 8. The Dominators
9. SL Disappointment 10. ZIMA
11. Sea Bass 12. InSaNeAuDiO
13. Radioactive Rush 14. 38 MPH Heaters


So, to sum it up, after averaging out each team’s overall number above to come up with 2012’s power rankings, we have a final showing of each team’s current fear level in the Salmon League. 

Let’s check it out…

*trumpets blaring*

Rankings Rankings
1. Genies in a Bottle 2. High Cheese
3. money grubbers 4. Captain Jack Sparrow
5. The Dominators 6. j’s team
7. cracker jack 8. Dome Dog
9. ZIMA 10. Sea Bass
11. InSaNeAuDiO 12. SL Disappointment
13. 38 MPH Heaters 14. Radioactive Rush


Genies in a Bottle enters the 2013 season atop our power rankings!  We all now know who we need to aim to beat this year as Genies is our current cream of the crop!  It’ll be a long season, but I can bet it’ll be a great one!


One thought on “2013 Preseason Power Rankings

  1. My Friend March 13, 2013 / 10:33 am

    Outside of the fact that I would probably switch Justin and myself, I think this came out pretty right on, though!


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