Trout vs Harper: 2014 ADP Wager

Harper vs Trout

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Children of all-ages.

We’ve got ourselves a wager.

Over on the Salmon League message board, Travis decided to throw a little shade Steven’s way and take a jab at Mike Trout.

Travis said:

“Prediction for you: This will be the best Mike Trout is ever ranked in a preseason again, ever. 10-15 pounds of muscle put on sure looks a little chubby to me, we’ll see.”

Steven, not happy to have his keeper besmirched, responded by making an offer, an offer that Travis couldn’t refuse:

“I’ll make a side wager. $10 Trout’s ADP is higher than Harper’s next year.”

Both quickly agreed to the bet as seen here:

Done and Done!

So we’ve got an intriguing little wager here.

Can Mike Trout keep up his other-worldly play?

Can Bryce Harper live up to his sizable hype?

Can they both avoid injury for a full-season and maintain their high ADP rankings?!

We’ll find out on Draft Day 2014 when we look at the Yahoo! pre-season rankings to determine the winner of the bet.

Disclaimer: If either player is injured during Spring Training 2014, thus considerably altering the rankings, the bet will be deemed null and void.


One thought on “Trout vs Harper: 2014 ADP Wager

  1. My Friend March 5, 2013 / 12:06 am

    You’re null and void!

    How about you stop being so busy at work, eh?

    Work < Baseball < Life


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