Trout vs Harper: 2014 ADP Wager

Harper vs Trout

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Children of all-ages.

We’ve got ourselves a wager.

Over on the Salmon League message board, Travis decided to throw a little shade Steven’s way and take a jab at Mike Trout.

Travis said:

“Prediction for you: This will be the best Mike Trout is ever ranked in a preseason again, ever. 10-15 pounds of muscle put on sure looks a little chubby to me, we’ll see.”

Steven, not happy to have his keeper besmirched, responded by making an offer, an offer that Travis couldn’t refuse:

“I’ll make a side wager. $10 Trout’s ADP is higher than Harper’s next year.”

Both quickly agreed to the bet as seen here:

Done and Done!

So we’ve got an intriguing little wager here.

Can Mike Trout keep up his other-worldly play?

Can Bryce Harper live up to his sizable hype?

Can they both avoid injury for a full-season and maintain their high ADP rankings?!

We’ll find out on Draft Day 2014 when we look at the Yahoo! pre-season rankings to determine the winner of the bet.

Disclaimer: If either player is injured during Spring Training 2014, thus considerably altering the rankings, the bet will be deemed null and void.

SLB vs MLB: Team Comparisons


It’s once again time to match-up each member of the Salmon League with the big league counterpart.

I did something similar three years ago and it produced some very entertaining discussion on the SLBlog and on the message board.

As such, I figured it was time for an updated look at the SLB vs MLB comparisons based on the events of the last three seasons and the league’s (most recent) expansion.

Without any further ado, here are the updated SLB vs MLB Comparisons:

High Cheese = Texas Rangers

Levi = RangersThis franchise, while still relatively new in the grand scheme of things, is on an incredible hot streak. Recent years have been filled with unbridled success despite the front office constantly being put in a situation where they must replace superstars. Whether or not this level of success is sustainable remains to be seen, but in the short-term, this looks like a franchise that has it all figured out and should be on everyone’s radar as a potential championship winning club.

Captain Jack Sparrow = Boston Red Sox

Travis = Red SoxThere was a time, not all that long ago, that this team was considered among the elite in the league. The club had a core group of players and was able to surround them with great role players year in and year out to make the playoffs and even snag a championship. That core has since evaporated and the team is working to build from within to create the next great era for this once dominant franchise.

ZIMA = Milwaukee Brewers

TCB = BrewersThis is a plucky little club that everyone wants to see succeed. Hype and expectations for this franchise seem to be high every year, but they seem to fall short of the mark time and time again. The occasional trip to the postseason is enough to consistently dangle the carrot and show everyone the potential this club has, but until the club makes the decision to go “all in” they’ll never get over the hump.

Radioactive Rush = Miami Marlins

Grant = MarlinsThis club is doomed unless it finds new ownership. It seems that this club is always spinning its wheels and never moving forward. Despite having a number of talented players on the roster over the years, this club always seems to get fleeced in trades and ends up with nothing to show for these “shrewd” business moves. It is imperative that this club finds new ownership or, at the very least, undergoes a complete change in management philosophy if they ever intend to compete.

Dome Dog = Philadelphia Phillies

Adam = PhilliesThis club is just a few short seasons removed from being a championship team, from looking like world beaters, from appearing as though they were locked into long-term success. Now the club is coming off an incredibly disappointing season that saw injuries to key members of the ball club and has undoubtedly left the fan base questioning whether management has the chops to dig themselves out of this hole.

38 MPH Heaters = Lancaster JetHawks
Morgan = JetHawks
This franchise is a low-level minor league affiliate for a rebuilding major league club. A look at the club’s relatively short history shows little success and leaves little room for optimism. This club needs new ownership or a complete overhaul in management philosophy to turn things around and move up. Although plenty of great ballplayers have come through this organization, nothing has been done to capitalize on that and build a winning franchise.

InSaNeAuDiO = Colarado Rockies

G-Doggy = RockiesThis team has some talent, there’s no denying that. The issue seems to be putting it all together and staying healthy. Injuries to some important players have cost this team success over the years and the front office, despite putting some great talent together, doesn’t appear to have that know-how to put the team over-the-top and turn this crew into regular contenders.

Sea Bass 8.0 = Cleveland Indians

Craiggers = IndiansThis is a team with a pretty lengthy history, most of it full of disappointment. Despite a brief period of success and a close-but-no-cigar championship run, the club has fallen on hard times and hasn’t made the playoffs in roughly half-a-decade. In that time the franchise has repeatedly relied on the same injured players time and time again, only to get spurned. There has been a lot of turnover of old retreads and it looks as though management is embracing a new philosophy. It might be time for a return to prominence.

cracker jack = Tampa Bay Rays

Junkel = RaysThe team is consistently consistent. It seems that every year they’re competitive and should be considered a legitimate threat. The club has no qualms about making a big trade to build for the future and is always on the hunt for an opportunity to make the team better on the cheap. This club could win a championship every single season if things break correctly, but even if they don’t, expect this team to be in the mix come playoff time, ready to play the role of spoiler.

The Dominators = Los Angeles Dodgers

Steven = DodgersThis is one of the most-storied franchises in the league and it has a long history dotted with success and failures along the way. Despite going through many long periods of irrelevancy and downright buffoonery at the helm; the club currently appears to be on a big upswing. Motivation and enthusiasm for the future are very high and the club appears to be poised for future success thanks to some amazing young talent and a rejuvenated front office.

j’s team = Cincinnati Reds

Jay = RedsThis is yet another franchise with a long and storied history. This club has been around since the beginning, but hasn’t won a championship in quite some time. In recent years, this team has been good, but not great. There is a solid track record of success despite not getting over the final hurdle in recent years. The franchise has relied very heavily on a strong offensive core and surprising pitching performances. There is a lot of potential for this club to really break through and become a force, but it might take the type of blockbuster move management is often reluctant to make.

S. L. Disappointment = Chicago Cubs

John = CubsThis team has been around since the beginning. The club won a championship back in the bygone days of the league, but that is long-since a distant memory. Year after year there seems to be a glimmer of hope that the team will finally turn things around and break through to capture another championship or, at the very least, return to the postseason. Things are certainly looking up as the management’s philosophy has changed and is now focused on building through the draft and getting younger and more athletic. That fact notwithstanding, the club is still synonymous with losing.

money grubbers = New York Yankees

Mike = YankeesThere once was a time when this club was the envy of the league. Everyone wanted to play here and it was believed they had an unbeatable strategy. In recent years, however, the club has looked long-in-the-tooth and many are beginning to question whether they are using the right philosophy to win. Despite being a perennial favorite, they’re rapidly becoming overlooked as the championships have slowly begun to dry up. The amount of talent and front-office know-how is still top-notch, but the club is definitely at a cross roads coming into 2013.

Genies in a Bottle = St. Louis Cardinals

Graves = CardinalsThis club is steady as a rock. They’re not the flashiest bunch, but they win. Year-in and year-out, they punch their ticket to the playoffs like clockwork. It seems that no matter how many stars they lose, they always find a way to get back to the Promised Land using a combination of young talent and veterans looking for a shot at redemption. The club is a legitimate contender to win the pennant and the championship every single season.

Steven’s 2013 Draft Day Rundown & Predictions

By: Steven Kunkel

As we draw nearer and nearer to draft day, I’ve compiled some pre-draft data and analysis for each team.

Mainly, I wanted to take a quick stab at whom everyone intends to keep. These decisions were made choosing the players with the highest average draft position (ADP) as derived from Mock Draft Central.

I then took a look at how those ADPs shake out in the end and provide a quick synopsis of why they’re choosing those players or how those selections shake out.

I’ve also provided a couple other little nuggets towards the bottom.

Let me know what you think! Hope you like it!


money grubbers

Draft Pick: 7
1. Joey Votto – 1B (5)
2. Andrew McCutchen – OF (9)
3. Madison Bumgarner – SP (71)
Average ADP: 28.33
Notes: Mike, who blazed through the consolation round of the playoffs, returns to the year with the 1st draft selection and picks 7th, which is a spot we all know he feels comfortable in. He’s advocated for it in the past and hates the turn as much as possible. Mike returns a comfortable amount of talent to his squad. Votto’s recent injury should be of no concern and he should be returning to a line-up built around himself, Phillips, Frasier, Choo, Bruce, and company. Overall, Mike is in a good place heading into the 2013 season.

posey001Hulk Smash

Draft Pick: 6
1. Buster Posey – C/1B (13)
2. Bryce Harper – OF (16)
3. Stephen Strasburg – SP (31)
Average ADP: 20
Notes: Hulk Smash started 2012 slowly, but was able to build up a contender on the backs of Grant and others through trades. Travis has a penchant to draft erratically, but I feel as though the above is pretty much a slam dunk. He could shy away from Posey who is getting some negative “1st round” press, but overall, it’d be a mistake. We all know Posey is being encouraged to stay away from contact and you can’t do much better than having Strasburg as your draft day starter.

stanton00138 MPH Heaters

Draft Pick: 5
1. Mike Giancarlo Stanton – OF (19)
2. David Price – SP (43)
3. Matt Cain – SP (62)
Average ADP: 41.33
Notes: 38 MPH was hot on the trade wire before the deadline and pulled off some trades with Justin & Levi that made him more competitive heading into the consolation playoffs. Not only did they make him more competitive in the playoffs, but the trades also gave him a needed boost in Keeper options. Sources tell me that, although he has Pedroia available as a keeper, 38 MPH Heaters is leaning towards keeping both Price & Cain instead based on deeming this year’s pitcher crop a little lean. We will see how this strategy turns out if he chooses to charge down that path.


Draft Pick: 4
1. Carlos Gonzalez – OF (11)
2. Edwin Encarnacion – 1B (25)
3. James Shields – SP (74)
Average ADP: 36.66
Notes: SeaBass heads into this year with a couple of questions. Can Encarnacion pull off similar stats to last year’s or is he simply another Mark Reynolds? It doesn’t much matter with Teixeira’s decline, he can’t afford to choose anyone else, but he must lean and hope on Encarnacion doing it again. Should he keep Hanson, Shields, Gallardo, or Peavy? None of these appear to be sexy keeper additions, but they all have their possible upside. In this case, I suspect Craig will rely on ADP and select Shields as 2013s keeper.


Draft Pick: 1
1. Albert Pujols – 1B (6)
2. Prince Fielder – 1B (14)
3. Clayton Kershaw – SP (17)
Average ADP: 12.33
Notes: ZIMA’s keepers are ridiculous. Ever since pulling off the trade for Fielder, ZIMA has been a lock to have one of the greatest keeper classes heading into the draft. So far, he has not been able to put it all together. We will see where ZIMA heads this year.

bautista001SL Disappointment

Draft Pick: 3
1. Jose Bautista – OF (8)
2. Starlin Castro – SS (34)
3. Clifford Lee – SP (38)
Average ADP: 26.66
Notes: SL Disappointment’s keeper class appears to be weak, but is strengthened by a strong middle-core. In this case, he can select power & speed, and keep one of the best pitchers in the game or he could turn the heads of everyone in the league and choose to select Kipnis or C.J. Wilson instead. It’s not a great selection of guys, but the Disappointment’s, if they put it all together in 2013, might not disappoint after all.

granderson001Dome Dog

Draft Pick: 8
1. Curtis Granderson – OF (10)
2. Troy Tulowitzki – SS (18)
3. Justin Verlander – SP (22)
Average ADP: 16.66
Notes: After a championship caliber year in his debut season and a playoff run to follow-up, Dome Dog took some draft day risks in 2012, which resulted in injuries and ineffectiveness for his team. Dome Dog returns with the best pitcher in the MLB & a 40-homer hitter to boot. However, we all know his success truly lies in the legs of Tulowitzki. Can Tulo stay healthy for an entire season and push Dome Dog back to the brink of success? 2013 will be something to behold.

jones001Radioactive Rush

Draft Pick: 14
1. Adam Jones – OF (24)
2. Adrian Gonzalez – 1B (29)
3. Matt Harvey – SP (214)
Average ADP: 89
Notes: Radioactive Rush is a wild card. His first two years in the league he misses the playoffs by inches in the last week. Blowing 6th seeds each year. Then, he follows it up with the worst “paying attention” year ever in the SLB. Only SL Disappointment’s 2010 season was worse, but the Disappointment’s weren’t yet paying attention at that point. Personally, I think Radioactive Rush keeps with the wild card antics and keeps Matt Harvey for 2013. He can’t do much worse? Jaime Garcia & Ian Kennedy headed his rotation last year and neither is a lock to do anything amazing in 2013. Why not take the risk, put your foot out there, and take a chance on a guy who compiled 70 strikeouts in 59 innings last year?

kemp001cracker jack

Draft Pick: 2
1. Matt Kemp – OF (4)
2. Paul Goldschmidt – 1B (20)
3. Jordan Zimmermann – SP (112)
Average ADP: 45.33
Notes: Sources tell me that cracker jack is actually leaning the way of Zobrist in the upcoming draft, but I have a feeling that ADPs are going to end up playing a large part in the way cracker jack selects his keepers this year. In my above predictions, Radioactive Rush’s bold move to take the turn in 2013 gives cracker jack the top of the draft pick they’re dreaming of, along with Goldschmidt who is a young, power hitting, stolen base providing hitter that any fantasy owner would dream of. Cracker’s pitchers are a mess, but I believe he traded for Zimmermann in the middle of last season and will, ultimately, decide that Zimmermann is the way to go this year.


Draft Pick: 9
1. Miguel Cabrera – 3B (2)
2. Jose Reyes – SS (44)
3. CC Sabathia – SP (97)
Average ADP: 47.66
Notes: InSaNeAuDiO doesn’t have many other options at this point for keepers. I believe the above is the way he will go, because the above is the way he has to go. However, he should really think about trading Reyes and his bum legs this year, especially if he starts out hot.

bruce001Genies in a Bottle

Draft Pick: 10
1. Jay Bruce – OF (27)
2. Hanley Ramirez – SS/3B (35)
3. Jered Weaver – SP (57)
Average ADP: 39.66
Notes: On the flip-side, Genies has options. LOTS of options. The funny part about Genies’ keeper-class in 2013 is that none of them are amazing, but all of them are really good and it has made it very difficult to decide which direction this team will take in 2013. I’ve chosen the above, but Genies has the option to keep Bruce, Ramirez, Allen Craig, Jacoby Ellsbury, David Wright, Joe Mauer, Weaver, Gio Gonzalez, Kris Medlen, or Adam Wainwright. I’ve selected Bruce for Genies, because I have a man-crush on Bruce this year. I’m free to say that, because I don’t think he’ll fall to me in the draft even if Genies doesn’t keep him. I’ve also chosen Ramirez because he has multiple-position eligibility and has that line-up surrounding him. His pitchers are a stumper. The best route to go, in my mind, would be Gonzalez, but the Biogenesis thing surrounds him, so I doubt he feels comfortable going that route & I’ve chosen Weaver over Wainwright simply because of ADP. That’s all. It’s an interesting class of guys to choose from & I’m happy mine are much more concrete.

trout001The Dominators

Draft Pick: 11
1. Mike Trout – OF (3)
2. Robinson Cano – 2B (7)
3. Felix Hernandez – SP (48)
Average ADP: 19.33
Notes: Speaking of concrete, everyone knew the above would be selected by The Dominators. It’ll be interesting to see how Trout follows-up last year’s campaign, especially with the 20 pounds of additional muscle he put on over the off-season. It will also be interesting to see if Hernandez still has the same competitive fire after landing a $175 million deal. The elbow stuff seemed to be more of a negotiating tactic and really hasn’t placed any fear in the minds of his owner. It’s a good class to start with and The Dominators just needs to put the pieces around them.

braun001j’s team:

Draft Pick: 13
1. Ryan Braun – OF (1)
2. Evan Longoria – 3B (30)
3. Zack Greinke – SP (85)
Average ADP: 38.66
Notes: Why, Braun, why?! Can’t you just keep your name out of the freaking media? Just, stop it. Hole up. Don’t leave the house unless you’re going to the ballpark. Stop taking HGH and, please, for God Almighty, just be amazing without creating controversy! This has to be exactly the way Jay is feeling right now. We’ll see if any of the current accusations of Braun turnout to have any 50-game suspensions written all over them & if that will affect how Jay chooses his guys or not. I would imagine not, because Braun is still the best, he’s still young, & 50-games is still only 50-games. Jay needs a pitcher in the draft, but other than that, his core is ready for prime time.

hamilton001High Cheese

Draft Pick: 12
1. Joshua Hamilton – OF (21)
2. Ian Kinsler – 2B (40)
3. Cole Hamels – SP (51)
Average ADP: 37.33
Notes: High Cheese pulled it off, putting himself in fantasy elite status by taking home the 2012 SLB trophy in his second year. He’s got an interesting set of keepers he could choose from, but ultimately the above appears to be his safest bet. However, perhaps, Yoenis Cespedes will catch this fire baller’s fancy or maybe he won’t let Jason Heyward, High Cheese being the eternal Braves optimist, dangle out there. Either way, High Cheese is set for a repeat and my, oh my, what fun it will be.


Top 5 Draftable Players:

1. Justin Upton – OF (11)
2. Adrian Beltre – 3B (15)
3. David Wright – 3B (26)
4. Allen Craig – 1B/OF (32)
5. Jason Heyward – OF (37)

Where the Champions Drafted:

2011-trophy2005 [cracker_jack] – 7th of 8
2006 The Dominators – 2nd of 8
2007 money grubbers – 7th of 10
2008 j’s team – 5th of 10
2009 Captain Jack Sparrow – 8th of 10
2010 Dome Dog – 12th of 12
2011 Genies in a Bottle – 11th of 14
2012 High Cheese – 12th of 14