Steven’s SLB Awards: Since 2005

All of the writing and research for this article was done by Steven Kunkel.

Welcome to 2012 everyone!

As is the case most years, I tend to get antsy looking forward to the beginning of the new year. Part of my enjoyment about this league is it’s longevity and it’s history, so I like to take a recap of how everyone has performed in their careers in the Salmon League. It’s obvious that we have a wide range of talent in this league. In a lot of ways, despite it’s 13 years, the SLB is still in it’s infancy and I continue to hope that these same 14 teams will be playing one another come 2050. Imagine having well over 20,000 fantasy SLB games under your belt by your death.

This year, in addition to giving a recap on the current state of the SLB’s teams, I’d also like to present “Steven’s SLB Awards.” While most of you don’t care about my opinion, I’m sure it’ll only be a one year thing. However, I think concentrating on the following list of awards could be fun: SLB’s Best Year, SLB’s Worst Year, SLB’s Best Champion, SLB’s Worst Champion, SLB’s Best Overall Team, SLB’s Worst Overall Team. I’ll give a little bit of reasoning behind each of my picks and maybe you all can weigh-in on what you think.

The title of this article reads “Since 2005” because it’s so hard to translate stats pre-2005 in conjunction with today’s game. In essence, I have essentially “forgotten” that the league existed before 2005. While I will never discount those championships (it’s still a 162 game, six month grinder y’all), I just have no way of being realistic statistically.

I apologize that some of this math in regards to the below list is going to be wrong. I’m not mathematically inclined, so I don’t know how to add-in ties to a winning percentage. However, here is a list of each team’s current records from 2005 on.

Team Records and Winning % Since 2005

Cracker Jack

2005: 166-150-80 (1)
2006: 158-162-76 (3)
2007: 142-179-75 (8)
2008: 160-144-74 (5)
2009: 130-125-39 (6)
2010: 135-141-32 (5)
2011: 147-129-32 (3)

Total: 1038-1030-408 (.501 Winning %); Best Finish: 1st

High Cheese

2011: 146-132-30 (5)

Total: 146-132-30 (.525 Winning %); Best Finish: 5th


2005: 152-168-76 (4)
2007: 142-182-72 (7)
2008: 139-166-73 (7)
2009: 106-151-37 (9)
2010: 81-186-41 (12)
2011: 140-135-33 (10)

Total: 760-988-332 (.435 Winning %); Best Finish: 4th

j’s team

2005: 175-141-80 (3)
2006: 163-146-87 (6)
2007: 144-181-71 (10)
2008: 150-154-74 (1)
2009: 140-127-27 (5)
2010: 145-132-31 (6)
2011: 124-152-32 (7)

Total: 1042-1033-402 (.502 Winning %); Best Finish: 1st


2009: 143-113-38 (4)
2010: 127-147-34 (9)
2011: 132-141-35 (12)

Total: 402-401-107 (.501 Winning %); Best Finish: 4th

38 MPH Heaters

2010: 124-147-37 (8)
2011: 122-154-32 (9)

Total: 246-301-69 (.449 Winning %); Best Finish: 8th

Captain Jack

2007: 183-147-66 (4)
2008: 171-131-76 (4)
2009: 149-122-23 (1)
2011: 150-125-33 (6)

Total: 653-525-198 (.554 Winning %); Best Finish: 1st

Radioactive Rush

2010: 137-144-27 (10)
2011: 135-130-43 (8)

Total: 272-274-70 (.498 Winning %); Best Finish: 8th

money grubbers

2005: 141-169-86 (6)
2006: 156-169-71 (4)
2007: 174-145-77 (1)
2008: 155-156-67 (6)
2009: 139-119-36 (2)
2010: 172-107-29 (4)
2011: 153-121-34 (2)

Total: 1090-986-400 (.525 Winning %); Best Finish: 1st

Sea Bass

2006: 164-161-71 (5)
2007: 173-146-77 (2)
2008: 134-155-89 (10)
2009: 128-133-33 (8)
2010: 123-141-44 (7)
2011: 113-161-34 (14)

Total: 835-897-348 (.482 Winning %); Best Finish: 2nd


2005: 163-155-78 (5)
2007: 154-154-88 (6)
2008: 152-166-60 (9)
2009: 108-146-40 (10)
2010: 132-153-23 (11)
2011: 117-160-31 (13)

Total: 826-934-320 (.469 Winning %); Best Finish: 5th

The Dominators

2005: 144-174-78 (8)
2006: 181-146-69 (1)
2007: 143-168-85 (9)
2008: 143-163-72 (8)
2009: 111-149-34 (7)
2010: 173-101-34 (2)
2011: 122-149-37 (11)

Total: 1017-1050-409 (.492 Winning %); Best Finish: 1st

Dome Dog

2010: 159-116-33 (1)
2011: 156-117-35 (4)

Total: 315-233-68 (.574 Winning %); Best Finish: 1st

Genies In A Bottle

2005: 194-141-61 (2)
2006: 179-136-81 (2)
2007: 184-136-76 (3)
2008: 162-139-77 (3)
2009: 148-117-29 (3)
2010: 141-134-33 (3)
2011: 161-112-35 (1)

Total: 1169-915-392 (.561 Winning %); Best Finish: 1st

Ooph, seeing that last team’s consistency throughout the last seven years really makes you wonder how he does it year-in and year-out, huh? I love the variety of longevity and teams we have in this league. We have some that didn’t start until 2007. We have some that played, quit, then came back. We have some that have been loyal through and through. We have some who just started up last year. 2012 sure is going to be a fun ride. Especially after such a competitive 2011.

Next, I’d like to present “Steven’s Awards.” These are widely debatable, I’m sure, but I feel like I’ve done enough research to have some sort of “expertise” on the subject and thought you might all want to chime in on them too…maybe…maybe not.

Steven’s Awards

Which YEAR was the SLB’s Best?: 2009

Champion: Captain Jack

Reasoning: Lets be honest here; there have
been a lot of really great fantasy baseball seasons. Each of the last three
years, specifically, have seemed to grow in popularity and competitiveness.
However, 2009 was the year that kicked it all off. This year began with the
introduction of ZIMA to the Salmon League and boy did he not disappoint. All
year long ZIMA battled the behemoths of the SLB. Sticking with Genies, money
grubbers, and Captain Jack all year long only to be squashed by the Genies and
finish 1/2 game back of taking the league title in his first year. In fact,
this title chase was so tight, the top four teams finished 5 1/2 games apart.
The three behemoths and newcomer fought into the postseason with all four of
them finishing 1-4 in the rankings. 2009 did not have any record breaking
seasons. It didn’t have much flash. What 2009 held was a beat ’em up, claw ’em
out race to the finish, which saw Captain Jack take his first championship.

Which YEAR was the SLB’s Worst?: 2006

Champion: The Dominators

Reasoning: 2006 was not the worst SLB season
because it crowned the worst champion or because it was missing excitement.
2006 was the worst SLB season because the state the league was in. 2006 can be
considered, by far and large, the transition year of all transition years.
2006 saw two mainstays in today’s SLB, InSaNeAuDio and S.L Disappointments,
leave the league for varying reasons. 2006 saw the return of only 8 teams in
total to compete. 2006 also so the league continue to tinker with a 9×9 format
league, which can be considered a complete failure. Despite all of 2006’s
faults, there was one positive to 2006; this was the beginning of the Sea Bass
franchise. The Sea Bass franchise has done much for this league and has even
had some success, finishing 2nd in 2007–granted, that’s by far his most
successful year.

SLB’s Best Champion: Dome Dog (2010)

Reasoning: Dome Dog can be considered the
Salmon League’s best Champion because of what he had to fight through on
his way to his expansion year Championship. 2010 was nearly considered the
SLB’s best year by myself because money grubbers and The Dominators did set
records that year. Both of those teams finished with the two best records to
ever be recorded in SLB history. The Dominators at 173-101-34 and money
grubbers at 172-107-29 had to fight it out all year long to be considered the
best of all time. However, what we have quickly come to find out in this league
is that winning the regular season doesn’t matter. Dome Dog didn’t just have to
go head-to-head in the playoffs with one of these record setting teams; he had
to go head-to-head against both and he succeeded. Trumping both teams on the
might and strong back of Troy Tulowitzki, Dome Dog took home this difficult
Championship victory.

SLB’s Worst Champion: j’s team (2008)

Reasoning: j’s team earns this award mainly
because it is the only SLB Champion to ever finish the year below .500. With a
seasonal record of 150-154-74, j’s team was lucky to be in the playoffs, let
alone win the league. In addition, you know how Tom Brady had a rule created
because of him (Tuck rule)? Well, 2009 was the creation of the innings pitched
limit because j’s team used the non-rules to perfection to steal nearly every
pitching category assembled in the playoffs of 2008. Hey, you can’t take a
Championship away from a team. He won this one fair and square. However, j’s
team is the worst SLB Champion.

SLB’s Worst Team: S.L. Disappointments

Reasoning: Listen, if I could go solely off of
what S.L. Disappointments accomplished last year, I would. Yes, InSaNeAuDiO and
38 MPH Heaters, you were both close to earning this award yourselves. However,
S.L. Disappointments was so down and out in regards to the league for so many
years, I couldn’t help but call him the SLB’s worst team. S.L Disappointments
not only holds the worst winning percentage, it also holds the worst seasonal
record, which is a record I don’t forsee ever being broken. There is a lot to
be excited about in regards to the Disappointments though. With a renewed
vigor, they may not stay the worst team for long. We shall see…

SLB’s Best Team: Genies in a Bottle

Reasoning: Listen money grubbers and Captain
Jack, Genies has never finished a year since 2005 below third place. They are
the 2011 SLB Champion. They also hold the second best overall winning
percentage behind a team that has only been in the league for two years. The
Genies are the measure of consistency and the staple of what everyone in this
league wants to hold themselves up to. Will there ever be a changing of the
guard? We shall see…


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