Draft Analysis According to Team Money Grubbers

Each player is listed on the sheet as they were drafted. Keepers were listed by how they appeared on the ADP. The number immediately to the right of each player is the ADP from the sheet. The number/letter right after that is the pick they were taken. Each round is listed to the very far left of the sheet.

EXAMPLE = round 11, Ian Desmond, ADP 164.9, pick 154.

So according to these numbers Ian Desmond was picked at #154 and his ADP was 164.9. so according to the numbers Grant made a very slight but totally understandable reach at that pick.

The next set of statistics are immediately below the picks/rounds/ADP

To the left you see Average and Starters Average. These are formulas figuring out the average ADP of each teams picks in the draft. The first one is the total average and the second one is the “starters” average. The second average ONLY counts the 3 keepers and the first 13 rounds of the draft. Discounting Bench players or uber late starters changed some peoples averages significantly.

NOTE: If a player was undrafted on my ADP sheet they were assigned one number lower than the lowest number ADP selected. There were only two players ND on the list. Bard and Beachy

Next are the Reach/Steal of each team. Players determined by ADP and discounts the MI picks and ND picks since most standard 5×5 drafts won’t include them anyway

Next is the picks by opinion. My personal thoughts.

Next is the draft rankings. These were just #’s pulled from the AVG and SAVG and rated.

Last is my personal thoughts based on all these numbers.

(Click on the graphs to make them larger)

Radioactive Rush: Grade C-
A rather unimpressive collection of players…injuries could decimate this lineup and he jumped on the closer bandwagon earlier than everyone and took the 5th best closer available with that pick. His rotation after Lincecum is suspect at best with good but not great Danks as his second best SP. His closers are explosive high era types and his other starters are either unproven(Jaime Garcia) or Rockies(Jorge De La Rosa). I see good potential in the offense but they all need to stay healthy for that to happen. Werth, Weeks, and Mauer are unlikely to be those types. Like the Chris Young pick but in an OBP league he paid a premium for the steals and potential HRs.

The Dominators: Grade D+
Great keepers and first two picks…even with the Greinke injury the start of the draft was good to team Dominators. After that it all went to hell. Paid a premium for the Konerko contract year, Hart is explosive and played out of his mind last year and Gardner is a must have only he could have had him two rounds later. Nishioka is the true reach in the draft as he was on NO ONEs radar at that point. In fact considering the 2b/SS types still on the board this was probably the reach of the entire draft. He may perform at this level but the thing Team Dominators needs to learn when drafting is if you take a guy that high he HAS to perform at that level. We might all be proven wrong at the end of the year though. The Dominators lack the pitching depth of last year and he is hoping for huge years out of pitchers in the AL (B)East. Probably a bad bet for low era or whip types there. All in all I give this draft a B for originality but hard numbers are lacking.

S.L. Disappointment: Grade B+
The great S.L. Disappointment if only he could keep his head in the game. Team SLD performed his typically above average draft this year(what happened last year is anyone’s guess). He made some GREAT picks and some so so ones. He is hoping Bautista is no fluke but I am guessing he would take the 30+ HR reality and isn’t counting on the 54 HR Jose hit last year. His team fills out well with some good SPs in Lee, Cain, and Rodriguez (lets hope its 2nd half Wandy for SLD). All in all the picks fit well with the team whole and he has power, speed, good obp, and some good breakout candidates. Some of my personal hardons are in SLD’s current team and it is very upsetting to see I missed them. His one downfall is saves. He punted on the stat but considering it is 1 of 14 that isn’t such a bad thing.

cracker jack: Grade C-
Wow does losing Wainwright hurt. That one injury forced team Cracker Jack to make some hard decisions. The first one is counting on Posey to not regress in year two. It’s a hard thing to tell just look at Beckham last year. Overall the draft could be a real diamond here. Brett Anderson if healthy is a potential top 10 starter. Hughes, though in the AL (B)East, is really good. He is also relying on Beckett to turn it around and Bud Norris to breakout this season. His hitting has some pretty good OBP guys and could fill doubles every week. He sort of lacks in the speed department though. Team cracker jack might be dead last in triples and steals at year’s end. Factor that in with a higher than average ERA and WHIP and we are slotting him right in the middle. Most likely on the outside looking in for playoffs this season.

InSaNeAuDiO: Grade C
Team IA has internet this year and claims he will not suck again. We shall see says I. Many guys start out with great intentions and don’t have the staying power necessary to make it to the promised land. IA is the first team ever to keep two pitchers. He has two whoppers though and both could win the CY in each league. Not a bad year to keep pitchers. Couple that with the best actual hitter not named Albert and he is sitting pretty. Team IAs real problem appears to be current knowledge. It looks like he took a draft sheet from 4 years ago and said these are the guys I want. Three of his first four draft picks are old balls, declining players. Plus Kelly Johnson is possibly a one hit wonder. Not a good way to start. His mid rounds went well. Markakis in year 27 is a good buy, so is Broxton on the bounce and Wells slipping. All in all if he could have the first four rounds back he might finally be bound for top half. I am guessing middling though again. Prove me wrong!

ZIMA: Grade C-
Zima’s first few rounds look pretty solid. You can discount Young unless he is playing regularly and Furcal as being eternally brittle. He looks fairly solid through and through. Z shouldn’t have bought a middle relief guy so early as the top holds guy hasn’t even been drafted in the last four years. These are things you learn as you keep playing though. Overall it could have been better but I don’t feel it was the worst draft. Good SP’s, Good Closers, Great 1b’s. Much like team CJ though he is missing a few batting categories, where are the steals in this lineup? The triples? Drafting the injured Brown that early was another mistake. Predraft prep might have been lacking here.

Sea Bass v6.0: Grade B-
Team SB is sitting pretty damn good this year. Drafted a few good rounds of players to go along with his keepers. He filled in quite a few categories with the Pierre pick late and the Zobrist reach early. Add that to his uber high obp guys in tex, youk, and cruz and he is bound for success. I see a pitching staff that could struggle with some low to average k guys and a few questionable closers. Gregg especially could be rough and we don’t know if Putz will get even one save with that horrible relief corp in front of him. If Webb returns healthy in june don’t count this team out. He has some good potential here.

38 MPH Heaters: Grade F
What is MPH thinking? This draft right here could be bad. I mean team SLD 2010 bad! Consider that Morneau hasn’t played in a September ball game in 2 years and that was this guys first pick. Also consider his two hitter keepers are rather injury prone(Kinsler WORSE than Morneau) and you have the makings of a disaster. After that look at his draft. There isn’t a home run hitter on the entire team other than Morneau that is getting you 30+. He has part time guys abound and unproven hitters all over. What could of gone worse for MPH will his pitching didn’t help his case. Bucholz could be great but he does pitch in the ALbeast. Garza has impressed NOONE in Chicago this spring. Hellickson is a 140 IP guy this year as a rookie and he has ONE closer. This could get ugly this year fella. Someone needs to get a full night sleep before the draft next year.

j’s team: Grade A-
Very good…very good all over. Pitching is strong. Hitting is stronger. Pagan BAD pick. Other than that there isn’t much to dislike. His last three picks could of gone better but really they are his LAST three picks. Might have too many 1b/3b types but what a problem to have, right?

money grubbers: Grade D+
How to rate your own draft. This is going to be tough. According to the popularity contest from MDC I had the WORST draft in the salmon league. No matter how I swing the numbers my ADPs didn’t look pretty. According to the sheet I drafted 4 players lower than their posted adp’s. That is not a good draft strategy. If it weren’t for my complete unflappability and absolutely MONSTER keeper position players I would be worried. This team is counting on great bounceback seasons from a lot of players. Maybe too many! We are also counting an a lot of breakouts. If there is any consolation the team fills out great and according to projections I took quite a few .350 obp+, 15hr+, 75rbi+, 75 r+, 20 2b+, 15 s+ guys. Along with quite a few projected 175k+ pitchers and the entire bunch are in the NL central or west, Pineda is the lone exception. Overall I LOVE my draft but since I have to grade it and I am using these numbers to grade yours it can’t be that high.

Genies in a Bottle: Grade A
How do you change a bad situation? End 11 years of ALWAYS being the bridesmaid? You take your stupid, unproven, losing, draft strategy and throw it out the window. Yes team Genies is always built to succeed in the regular season but we are about championships here. It is time for a change. That is exactly what team Genies did this year. Scrap a tried and true strategy of always drafting “position scarcity” and go full hog with OFs. He basically avoided any non injury player other than outfielders until round 8. That is impressive people. He does have two pretty damn good infielders as keepers (both are kind of overrated though). Has either ever won team Genies a championship? I rest my case!!! No lie the dude is stacked this year. If Utley plays before July (which he probably won’t) and Morales comes back before May (which it sounds like he might) this team is going to be dominant.

Dome Dog: Grade C
Team DD is a testament that might projections and thoughts on this subject matter very little. I rated his draft the absolute WORST in the salmon league last year. What did team DD do? Win the whole damn thing. Granted his team did exactly what I said it would do…GOT HURT A LOT. Shrewd mid season management and picking up the right players to help his team made a much bigger difference than his draft. Well with the exception of Tulo and Hamilton who are back around for another swing. Can they stay healthy? Doubt it but what do you do? From the looks of DD’s draft the dude basically read every yahoo article in creation and wrote those guys down as “must haves” there is a lot of young potential here. But that is exactly the problem. Potential means only that! The first player not a keeper or closer over the age of 25 is Carlos Lee in round 12. Could be rough going for DD! However he got Bay AND Sizemore uber late and both players could bounce back. They could also remain brittle pieces of glass as are team DD’s favorites. Like the chance he took, will it play out?

High Cheese: Grade D-
First time drafters…how do you judge them? Well considering Levi’s draft maybe he will be ok. He has some old busteds in the OF to accompany CarGo (regression year). His infield is leaky and inconsistent. He does have some decent pitchers so long as they stay healthy but not much to love here according to the guy no one should listen to.

Captain Jack: Grade C+
We have seen this guy before. He drafts category cats and fills in all spots pretty well. Stealing Ichiro when he did is embarrassing to us all. Especially the guys who took Rasmus and Bruce instead of him. I guess we are going to have to live with that decision all year. If Capt could just of waited on Carpenter he might have been a bit happier. His pitching staff is weak. Wilson hurt, Carp ailing, Nolasco an elbow away from a tear, Kennedy average, Lidge awful, Cueto is hurt hurt hurt. The offense looks pretty tough but there is some real issues in that pitching staff. I don’t see him making a huge run with that it mind. I don’t think this is the year that the last pick wins it all.

13 thoughts on “Draft Analysis According to Team Money Grubbers

  1. Jeremiah Graves April 2, 2011 / 5:43 pm

    You take a lot of shots at a draft strategy that has produced the best average finish in league history. I’ve never missed the playoffs I’ve finished the regular season out of the top one or two spots, just once. I’ve finished the playoffs no lower than third in the history of head-to-head.

    I think it’s a bit of a stretch to insult my draft strategy so much. If anything, my regular season success shows that my draft strategy is pretty top-notch and it would seem that my postseason managerial skills and/or postseason luck are the problem.

    …other than that, not a bad write-up.


    • mike April 3, 2011 / 11:42 pm

      the only stats that matter are championships. you don’t have one. thus your strategy can be considered suspect. drafting players that ALWAYS go in to a September swoon and having keepers that especially do it is bad. just sayin…


      • Jeremiah Graves April 4, 2011 / 9:34 am

        Right, but we’ve seen that championships aren’t won based on how good or bad a draft is in this league.

        That’s been proven by Henning, Jay and others before.

        In-Season management and a nice dash of luck come playoff time makes the difference. My drafting strategy has gotten me into the playoffs with more consistency than anyone else in league history. My draft strategy has netted me the highest average finish in both the regular season and the playoffs than anyone else in league history.

        I think my lack of a championship has zip to do with my drafting strategy and more to do with guys being outplayed for a random week in September.

        Additionally, I don’t always draft players who swoon in September. In fact, history has shown I rarely draft the same player in back-to-back years. It sounds to me like you’re just sorta throwing out a hypotheses here without any research behind it.

        For example: I have two keepers who tend to be solid as donkey balls in January come playoff time.

        Hanley puts up his best numbers down the stretch and Wright is–and this may hurt you a bit in the soul–also pretty f’n good as the season winds down.

        Keep taking empty pot-shots at me for not winning a championship–that’s fine, it seems to be the only knock on me anyone has and I’m kind of over it–but don’t insult a draft strategy that has been highly-effective year in and year out.

        The only time my draft strategy netted me a finish lower than one or two in the regular season is when it was polluted by your NFBC ideas. Ben Zobrist…come on, man?! I told you his power wasn’t legit!!

        PS: Suck it.


    • mike April 4, 2011 / 10:49 am

      BTW…I don’t think you even read my write up about you. Giving you POT shots yet rating your draft the best in the salmon league kind of stinks of sarcasm doesn’t it? oh and reading my comments further…I SAID your draft was built to succeed in the regular season. So you basically proved my point again and again and again with your rant. Oh and winning championships is only about luck to the guy that hasn’t won one before. Just sayin…


  2. Justin April 2, 2011 / 6:34 pm

    One thing I did this year that I do not do EVER..is give people second chances!! A look at my (drafted) outfield shows Quentin, Kemp, Granderson, Austin Jackson, and I believe I had Adam Jones on my team one point last year…. 2 guys I drafted and one guy who had a major down year that I traded for.. I’m just hoping they don’t come back to bite me in the ass… please quentin and granderson stay healthy, and Kemp go ahead and beat Rhianna…. at any rate I’m liking what I see from kemp and quentin thus far!! Rebounds might be my new favorite thing and all three of them could jack 30+ bombs. I agree with the no SB or triples, but every SB guy I wanted in the draft went the round i was gonna take him – pierre, bourn, somebody else I can’t remember right now. You know me, I like to stay active in trades and will acquire a high speed guy in a couple months

    One thing I wanted to let you know is that it is Josh Beckett’s *good* year this year so watch out!!! Too bad the AL east is the suck… hope phil hughes doesn’t

    good work on the numbers portion of this beast


  3. Levi April 2, 2011 / 7:15 pm

    D- ? I think that is a bit harsh. I don’t have “old busteds” in the OF. Torii Hunter may be old but Shane Victorino certainly is not. And neither of them are injury-prone so your comment is off a bit. And my numbers ranking puts me 3rd. Those aren’t all that meaningful, but a D-? c’mon man.


    • mike April 3, 2011 / 11:39 pm

      old busteds means in clear regression and/or aging quickly. It has a rather ambiguous meaning so that i can use it to encompass anyone i choose over the age of 30. plus shanovic has 3 dl trips plus numerous random missed games to general soreness in the last 4 years. i wouldn’t call it injury prone but he doesn’t stay healthy either.

      as to the rankings you can draft high or you can draft right. our league isn’t the same as a standard 5×5 league. this is why i gave you a low score. rankings on those sheets do not account for 2b, 3b, obp, losses, holds…etc etc etc. i just worry about the team in the end.

      finally, i can only rank on how I feel…since my opinion only matters to me in this thing just remember it is no big deal. prove me wrong.


  4. Jesse April 2, 2011 / 11:57 pm

    Don’t mind the write up….but putting me at 13th overall… I’m gonna kick your ass for that…………..


    • Justin April 3, 2011 / 11:48 am



    • Jeremiah Graves April 3, 2011 / 12:39 pm

      For your sake, I really hope your team stays healthy and you have a big year…this is some of the most overt smack-talk in league history. Anything less than a playoff berth and top three finish has to be considered failure at this point.

      You’ve set the bar pretty dang high…


      • Steven April 3, 2011 / 9:08 pm

        My reasoning for being excited:

        All of my guys have a potential for 85+ runs outside of Ruiz, most 30+ doubles, most 20+ (Konerko, Cano, Zimmerman, Choo, Hart, Abreu) home runs, most (Konerko, Cano, Zimmerman, Choo, Hart, Abreu) 85+ RBIs, 4 players with 20+ SB potential, only Hart isn’t a .360+ OBP potential guy…then I’ve got King Felix and Zack Greinke to lead the rotation. If I can get one of my other pitchers to be on, then I’ve got JUST as good of a rotation as last year, maybe better…

        End of argument. I like my team :)

        Go 2011! :)


    • mike April 3, 2011 / 11:40 pm

      totally justified considering history, i think we could all be in for a surprise but in the salmon league history often repeats itself. just ask your bro


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