Family Feud: SLB Dominance Edition

In what can only be a sign of good things to come, the Salmon League Baseball message board over at Yahoo! absolutely blew up this week.

Trash talk is coming from all angles, one of the newbies showed a little bravado and, well, everyone who usually won’t shut up won’t shut up. As is often the case there wasn’t so much as a blip on the proverbial radar from the likes of Morgan, Craiggers, John, Jay or SLB newcomer, Zac.

One topic that I found particularly intriguing, however, was kicked into high-gear when Steven—coming off his first season of fantasy baseball relevance since 2006—mentioned the following fact:

“Since the development of the Salmon League’s head-to-head format, a Kunkel has been in the Championship game 5 out of 6 years.”

Steven was, of course, correct as you can see by taking a quick peek at all six of the SLB Championship Game matchups that have taken place since the league moved to the head-to-head format.

2005: Justin defeats Jeremiah
2006: Steven defeats Jeremiah
2007: Mike defeats Craiggers
2008: Jay defeats Paulsen
2009: Travis defeats Mike
2010: Henning defeats Steven

You’ll note that only a few names show up multiple times, but that’s a point we’ll hit on later.

What I want to get at next is the one line from Steven’s post that really stuck in my craw.

He wrapped up his little history lesson with just a bit more braggadocio than I was willing to let pass:

“This type of clear dominance by a family is shocking and cruel to all other participants.

I wonder which Kunkel will make the Championship this year?”

Mike followed up that comment as only Mike can.

He first made it seem as though he was going to use basic logic to cut the legs out from under Steven’s original assertion and—although he technically did do so—then he came back around and backed Steven’s original claim regarding the Kunkel dominance.

“It should probably be noted that since there are 4 Kunkels in the salmon league it isn’t really that hard to believe that we might be disproportionally represented in the championship game. Granted considering that the Kunkels do have 7 of the 11 total trophies at this point it should be noted that the Graves family has none and the Morfitt family only has one. Just shows the family zeal for the sport. Plus a casual disinterest from the other members in years past. really the salmon league didn’t actually start until head to head format began. and we have been in that game alot haven’t we!

Given my inability to handle this much ego, I’m now forced to prove that these tales of Kunkel dominance are nothing more than a myth.

I’ll be using the two families that were drug into the equation by Mike, the Graves and Morfitts.

First things first, let’s focus on Steven’s original statement regarding appearances in a championship game.

I could simplify the entirety of this rant with the old axiom “the playoffs are a crapshoot and based more on luck than skill,” but that would really take the wind outta my sails and would require far fewer graphics.

As such, we’ll move forward with historical analysis.

It’s easy to run roughshod on a league and appear in the playoffs every year when anywhere from 50% to 75% of the league has qualified for postseason player, after getting into the big dance, the aforementioned axiom is once again in effect.

Here’s the percentage of the league that has been occupied by Kunkels since the move to H2H in 2005:

Dominance is always a tad easier in numbers, although it is amusing to note that in 2005, when 50% of the league was occupied by Kunkels and only two teams didn’t make the playoffs, only Justin finished with a winning record en route to winning his second consecutive SLB Championship.

The Kunkels as a whole finished the 2005 season with a paltry .482 winning percentage. The Graves boys, whom the Kunkels supposedly lord over, finished with a slightly more impressive .539 winning percentage on the year.

We’re not here to focus on a single year, however, because the point we’re focusing on today is which family—Kunkel/Graves/Morfitt—is the most dominant of all-time.

One way to figure the level of dominance is by looking at individual achievements in the H2H-era.

Steven mentioned championship game appearances, Mike mentioned total trophies and I’ll mention the one sign of success that is a greater tell-all of a team’s dominance than any other, regular season championships.

Winning in the playoffs always reverts back to the axiom. Winning in the regular season proves season-long dominance and incredible acumen to be at the top of the heap when the regular season comes to a close.

The Kunkels have won three of the six trophies awarded during the H2H-era, all the while serving as 40% of the league. There’s no discrediting the fact that they lay claim to 50% of the H2H-era championships, but in that same time the Kunkels have claimed just one regular season pennant (Steven – 2010), the Morfitts (Travis – 2008) have claimed one and the Graves boys (Me – 2005/2006/2007/2009) have notched four of ‘em.

In fact, in the entirety of the H2H format, the Kunkels have entered the playoffs as a top one or two seed just a scant three times. Steven entered as a two-seed in 2006 before winning the whole thing and entered as the number one seed last season before falling to Adam in the championship game. The only other Kunkel finish in the top two belongs to Mike, also last year when he slipped from the top spot into the two-seed late in the season.

The Morfitt clan—in four years in the league—has qualified for the playoffs three times once each as a one, two and three-seed. Grant’s seventh place finish in the regular season last year tarnished the Morfitt streak of never missing the playoffs, although it should be noted that Grant was edged out by a mere half-game from making it into the big dance as a six-seed.

Rather than dwell on words, let’s get a graphic up to show everyone’s average regular season finishes.

Obviously I lead the pack in a rather large way followed by Travis, Mike, Justin, Steven, G-Doggy, Grant and John.

I narrowly nudge Travis for the all-time individual lead by an average finish of 1.8 to 2.0.

The family rankings, however, are as follows:

Morfitt = 3.25
Graves = 4.30
Kunkel = 6.14

Knowing that we’re likely to hear some “John doesn’t count scenarios,” here is the Kunkel average finish without John included: 5.05, still soundly in last place.

It only makes sense that we look at the flipside of the coin and compare each family’s postseason average finish as well, this figures to bode well for a Kunkel clan that claims to dominate, especially given their abundance of postseason hardware.

Once again, I lead the pack followed by Travis, Mike, Justin, Steven, Johnny, G-Doggy and Grant. Just like in the regular season, I narrowly edged out Travis by an average postseason finish of 2.67 to 3.00.

If nothing else, this is showing that Travis had a pretty damned impressive three-year run.

The family rankings are as follows:

Morfitt = 4.75
Graves = 5.44
Kunkel = 5.53

Yet again the dominant Kunkel clan comes in last.

Thus far we’ve taken a look at the accomplishments, regular season average finishes and postseason average finishes.

Let’s go ahead and take a peek at the overall winning percentages. If anything is going to give us a clear view of “dominance,” this ought to do the trick. Dominant teams win, right?!

Yet again, I lead by a fairly comfortable margin. The Morfitt numbers are inflated by Travis’ impressive .548 winning percentage (which I matched blow-for-blow) from 2007-2009.

The family averages are:

Morfitt = .533
Graves = .512
Kunkel = .487

Yet again, the dominant Kunkels finish in dead last and under .500 as well.

We’ll take John out of the equation given that last year was historically bad and the other Kunkels finish with a .506 winning percentage, still good enough for third place in this three-way battle.

The Kunkels, however, still claim that their dominance is born from the postseason.

Well let’s take a quick look at the postseason to see just how dominant the Kunkels have been. The following chart shows each team’s score differential in the history of the H2H playoffs and consolation playoffs. Obviously one big blowout loss could skew these numbers, but we’re talking about the super dominant Kunkel brothers here, I’m sure there will be ZERO issues with their scores here.

Wow. Simply wow.

Is there anyone out there who would have expected that G-Doggy would be the guy who lays the smack down the hardest in the playoffs?

So the Kunkels dominate, but do they dominate more than the Graves or Morfitts? Let’s look at the average +/- score differential for each family.

Graves = +9.5
Morfitt = -6
Kunkel = -8

In a fun change of pace, I’m dragging G-Doggy down this time, but it’s still more than enough to quite handedly give this round to the Graves boys.

Now call me crazy, but I’m having a really, really hard time seeing where the Kunkels dominate in any aspect of this league beyond ego and running-their-damn-mouths.

It seems pretty evident that the Graves or Morfitt clans have put up much better numbers. The knock on the Morfitt run of dominance is that it is all largely on the shoulders of Travis and his three-year run reign of terror over everyone (except me, that is).

Over the long haul, I’d say the numbers certainly skew in the favor of the Graves boys, again, with much of the heavy lifting being done by one brother over another, but still the numbers don’t lie.

The Kunkels have won three of six trophies in the H2H-era while accounting for roughly 40% of the league. It’s impressive, but it sure as hell ain’t dominant.

If anything, it shows that the Kunkels have been the luckiest team in the Salmon League, doubly so come playoff time.

23 thoughts on “Family Feud: SLB Dominance Edition

  1. Steven March 5, 2011 / 10:15 pm


    1) I have two trophies and you have none! :D

    2) If the playoffs were luck, then the MLB playoffs are also luck. Just because the top team doesn’t always come out of the playoffs, doesn’t mean it’s luck!

    3) Much like a lot of your numbers weren’t, you should have made these even MORE fair by choosing to mix the 1st and 3rd Kunkel’s stats per year. Mainly, because we can’t REALLY count Johnny and it wouldn’t necessarily be fair to only be able to count the top 2 Kunkel’s stats. If you’re going to mix 2 people vs. 3 or 4 people here and try and compare numbers accurately, then at least do it evenly! Your entire 1800 word article is bunk because of this.

    4) I have two trophies and you don’t have any! :D


    • Jeremiah Graves March 6, 2011 / 11:44 am

      1) This is accurate, I can’t refute it.

      2) Yes, the MLB are all about luck. ALL playoffs are about luck. You’re talking small sample sizes. The NFL Playoffs are luck. Thus the sub-.500 Seahawks break a reedonkulous run to knock off the Saints in round one.

      Our playoffs–as is the case with all fantasy playoffs–are even more of a luck-based crapshoot because of the absolute lack of control we have over our rosters. Managers sit players to rest them for the playoffs, teams shutdown starters with weeks to go in an attempt to save some mileage on their arms, those things that we, as managers of fantasy teams, can’t control. We can’t call Tony LaRussa and tell him that Pujols shouldn’t be getting days off to gear up for the NLDS.

      Fantasy playoffs take the real roster power out of your hands. Sure, you can drop Pujols if he’s resting down the stretch, but you can’t really do that because it’s a keeper league.

      I’m not saying that there is zero skill involved, I’m just saying that a lot of the playoffs are based more on luck and getting hot over a short-span. It’s been widely admitted by everyone in the league at this point–including yourself–that the playoffs aren’t about the best team marching home with what they deserve, it’s about the hottest and luckiest team.

      3) We’re talking about total family dominance, not the top two Kunkel’s dominance. If y’all want to talk about being the best family and talk smack to the other families in the league, it only makes sense that it be an all or nothing approach.

      If you want to brag about how great the Kunkels are, it seems only right to include Johnny into the mix. Otherwise you should brag about how great three of the four Kunkels are instead. If y’all want to go on a single-person by single-person basis, that’s cool too, because that pretty roundly shows me to be the single most dominant player of the H2H-era followed by Travis (who suffers from only being in the league for three years), and then Mike. At best we’ve got a Kunkel in third.

      4) Yes, yes you do. It amuses me that all y’all have to point at for long-term dominance is one trophy in the H2H-Era. It’s pretty common knowledge that the years before H2H were total BS in terms of scoring and points and everything anyway.

      So in the H2H-era, you’ve got two playoff appearances, two championship game appearances, one regular season pennant and a trophy from back in the 8-team format.

      …yeah, brag it up, Kiddo.


  2. Grant March 6, 2011 / 11:14 am

    I like this a lot. one thing about looking at numbers, they never lie. Big blow to the smack talking Kunkels.


    • Jeremiah Graves March 6, 2011 / 11:47 am

      I agree. For all the talk of “dominance” the only thing they’ve got in their advantage is that they’ve taken three of the six trophies in the H2H-Era.

      Two of those trophies coming back in the much smaller, much weaker 8-team setup from 2005 and 2006.

      It should also be noted that a Kunkel hasn’t won a trophy in the last three years, also roundly viewed as the three most competitive years in the league’s history.


    • Jay March 6, 2011 / 3:30 pm

      Haha, numbers never lie… thats funny… in dealing with numbers every day they most certainly can lie…


  3. Steven March 6, 2011 / 5:26 pm

    Ah, but in the last three years, Mr. Graves. YOU haven’t even been in a championship. Bow-chica-wow-wow!!! And how can Grant talk smack, his stats are wildly improved by Travis. Woot woot! :D


    • Jeremiah Graves March 6, 2011 / 8:13 pm

      I can’t help but notice that you keep trying to lower the scope of what we’re looking at here.

      First it was all about Kunkel dominance. Then you wanted to take Johnny out of the equation. Then you wanted to focus solely on championships.

      Now you want to focus solely on championship appearances in the last three years?

      When I toss some numbers your way will you want to focus on just last year, the lone year you’ve been relevant since 2006?! I think you will.

      Look at the numbers, Buckaroo…you’re a .500 club in the H2H-era. Put together a few more winning seasons and then we’ll talk because right now, last year looks like an aberration, not the norm.


      • Grant March 7, 2011 / 9:57 am

        I am not talking smack, just bringing up a point. I am in no way talking myself up. Just bringing you down.


  4. mike March 7, 2011 / 11:48 am

    Numbers Numbers Numbers…they certainly DO lie. In fact lets take a look at a few of them that tell a more accurate tale. Pre 2007 I might as well have been considered a nonactive member in the league. basically a place filler for us to make enough players to play. Then in the predraft stages of 2007 Graves called me out for being “irrelevant” in the Salmon League. From that point forward I rededicated myself to the league and forced the action to Mr. Graves. In fact if you look at Mr. Michael Kunkels four year run since winning in 2007 and becomeing a FORCE in fantasy baseball this is the real results= .544 average winning percentage and a 3.25 average finish. now lets look at Mr. Jeremiah Graves in that same time=.533 average winning percentage and a 3 average finish. Numbers can be skewed however you want them to be Mr. Graves but reality shows actual value. Also average finish and average playoff finish are incorrect stats to measure by. Up until last year playoff finish was determined 12 to 1. therefore I totally blew any playoff game I ever played after my first loss to get the better draft slot. In fact if we could go back and check individual days of game weeks you would see that my entire starting lineup was on the bench after my first loss. This allowed me to have an advantage in next years draft. Last year is the lone exception. No excuses for last year. Just blew it! and the year before I was in the championship game. So showing skewed #’s to advance skewed logic is the norm i guess here. the fact of the matter is no one remembers who had the best record in the regular season of MLB year 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010. Well maybe 2010 since it was so close but they will remember who won the world series. since I have been in that game twice in the last four years and you haven’t been in it once since I have become “statistically relevant” I would have to say that I definitely have the upper hand fella. As to the family feud. I put all blame on the final #’s on Steven and Justin. We know John is actively trying NOT to check this league. those two screwed the pooch for four years and steven still made the championship game over you fella. plus with 7 DAYS of games to account for statistical counting it can’t ALWAYS be luck that someone wins. in fact it requires luck, active managing, and shrewd starting to make win this league championship. sorry about the sour grapes fella. just have to set the record straight on the “true #’s” you were shilling. In fact I am guessing if we took a look at the last four years where the league has ACTUALLY been competitive and it wasn’t just Jeremiah running away with it we will see something different=Kunkel average finish (including Johnny) 6.125, Graves average finish 6, Morfitt average finish 4.75…and with a few more years of Grant ruining Travis’ run we will see a much more evening of the #’s. Also since you took John’s numbers out for the basis of your argument above I did as well. Kunkel’s average finish 5.25 from 2007 to 2010. Odd Jeremiah uses old busted #’s to prove his point so that it helps skew his numbers higher when he KNOWs the league wasn’t quite up to par pre 2007.


    • Jeremiah Graves March 7, 2011 / 12:39 pm

      Okay, first thing is first and this is going to be nit-picking, but if you want ANYONE to read a comment of that length, break the fucker up into paragraphs. It’s one long, rambling trainwreck of thought.

      Secondly, this is just further evidence of the Kunkels changing the scope of the argument and making excuses left and right.

      The initial premise was based on the supposed “Kunkel Dominance of the League in the H2H-Era.” So two years where you didn’t give a shit, still count, as they’re part of the H2H-Era.

      If we’re going to discredit my success during the 2005 and 2006 seasons, then we should probably discredit both of Steven and Justin’s championships as well since they clearly came about in this “non-competitive era.”

      So you just want to look at the numbers from 2007 onward is that what we’re saying? Or do you only want to look at the numbers since we went to twelve teams since ten teams is (and I quote) “old and busted.” At that point we might as well discredit all things that have happened prior to this season since we’re up to 14 teams now.

      The fact of the matter is this, there is no easy to create across the board comparisons for this league. Some years people don’t pay attention, some years teams give up in the playoffs, call me crazy, but those years still count. Those wins and losses still count.

      I’m curious as to which numbers are being “skewed” to show anything but the facts. Your upset that I didn’t exclude the two years you weren’t paying attention? I think it’s your damn fault you weren’t trying and I think those numbers count against you and certainly count against any potential air of “dominance.”

      The fact of the matter is this, there is nothing backing the Kunkel’s claim of “dominance” beyond trophies and since you’ve just discredited every trophy and championship appearance prior to 2007, that means the Kunkels have one trophy. Congrats. You’re just as dominant as Travis, Jay and Adam.


      • mike March 7, 2011 / 1:15 pm

        hmm…long rambling thoughts still convey messages. if you get lost in long paragraphs that is not my fault try reading books more often.

        second you have to discount a league where more than half the league didn’t pay attention.

        It is still proven that Kunkels outperform Graves in statistical measures. Plus if you want to break down individual players in said league as your argument attempted to do then my point is definitely valid.

        So it looks to me like someone is upset that I am better than him on average in the last four years. Thus disproving his regular season dominance point.

        Team MG also has a championship AND a second place finish in that time something that Team Genies does not have.

        Oh and to top it off the Kunkels have been represented in THREE of the FOUR championship games since moving to 10 team leagues.

        So the argument still holds water for Kunkel dominance but in reality it is Mike Kunkel dominance.

        Sorry about refuting your chest bloating claims of individual season greatness(since you basically trumpeted yourself and ignored the ineptitude of Team InSaNeAuDiO) then also disproving your Graves family greatness since the graves family has exactly ZERO championship game appearances in the last four years.

        Must hurt fella. I get it. It must hurt pretty bad.
        Did I break this up so you can read it better fella?


      • Jeremiah Graves March 7, 2011 / 3:27 pm

        hmm…long rambling thoughts still convey messages. if you get lost in long paragraphs that is not my fault try reading books more often.

        …books use paragraphs, Fella.

        Here’s the thing, you’re going and changing the initial statement. The initial statement was the the Kunkels were more dominant than the Morfitt and Graves families.

        The argument wasn’t who was better since 2007. The argument wasn’t who has more trophies. The argument wasn’t who has more championship game appearances. The argument wasn’t who is better between Mike and Jeremiah.

        Those all seem to be the points YOU are arguing.

        My points, using the stats at hand and looking at them in an unbiased matter (ie: not taking into account “if someone was paying attention”) but based on the numbers that exist, are valid.

        I averaged out G-Doggy and Me at every turn, just like I averaged out all four Kunkels and both Morfitt boys.

        If you want a different article on your winning percentage versus mine over the last three years, you can feel free to write it, because that’s not what this based on. If you want to write a different article on the Kunkels appearances in championship games, be my guest, again that’s not the point of this article.

        You seem to have completely warped what this article was about and with it, you’ve pulled out random numbers excluding various years and keep saying I’ve skewed the numbers. How? I took the numbers that exist for everyone in the Salmon League to see and I used them over the period of time (the H2H-Era) that was originally laid out in the original message.

        No one was talking about the Kunkel dominance in the 10+ team era. No one was talking about Mike’s dominance in the last four years. No one was trumpeting me up as a conquering hero, I used the numbers that exist. The numbers that are public knowledge. The numbers that aren’t skewed, but simply are The Numbers.

        No, none of your argument “hurts”…this is mostly because none of your argument is related to the original claim. You can’t refute the numbers from the original claim. You can choose to ignore them, fine. You can choose to switch what criteria we’re using, fine.

        …but that doesn’t disprove anything I’ve stated.


  5. mike March 7, 2011 / 11:53 am

    also another point to refute Graves. It takes incredible LUCK to win in a regular season as well. It takes players staying healthy for a full season plus shrewd pickups at the right time with players getting hot for long stretches while they are in your roster. I won’t deny that Graves tends to do that better than most. Or I guess I would have if it weren’t for his falling off the sheet last year. Maybe old and busted favorites are starting to catch up to MR. Genies in a Bottle. Just sayin!


  6. mike March 7, 2011 / 11:56 am

    thanks for this…love it love it love it.


  7. mike March 8, 2011 / 11:00 am

    Team MG’s original statement on Salmon League page as per a cut and paste method Mr. Genies used above… “It should probably be noted that since there are 4 Kunkels in the salmon league it isn’t really that hard to believe that we might be disproportionally represented in the championship game. Granted considering that the Kunkels do have 7 of the 11 total trophies at this point it should be noted that the Graves family has none and the Morfitt family only has one. Just shows the family zeal for the sport. Plus a casual disinterest from the other members in years past. really the salmon league didn’t actually start until head to head format began. and we have been in that game alot haven’t we!“

    small note to continue this figh…conversation. the argument that Team MG made was that Kunkels dominate fantasy championships and fantasy championship games. thus proven by my cut and paste method shown above. Then Team Genies brought up the “regular season record” of the family teams since H2H was established thus changing the argument to favor himself and lay the “smackdown” on family Kunkel. This was not an action taken by Team MG. After that a counter argument was proposed showing his family dominance article is in error and shouldn’t count when people were basically taking a pass on said league especially in the, all too important to Team Genies, regular season. so who is really in the wrong here? I propose Team Genies because of his changing of the argument to better fit his agenda. Then when counter argument is proposed that shows his dominance is in error he gets all I hate Kunkely and cries in a corner.


    • Jeremiah Graves March 8, 2011 / 6:45 pm

      You weren’t the basis for the argument. You never were, Steven was…you were merely a follow-up up on this:

      “This type of clear dominance by a family is shocking and cruel to all other participants. “

      The entire article was based on the purported “dominance” of the Kunkel family during the H2H-Era, which is what Steven referenced.

      There was no changing of the argument to fit an agenda. There was no trying to show myself superior. The argument was as I stated pretty danged clearly in my article’s theses statement:

      “…I’m now forced to prove that these tales of Kunkel dominance are nothing more than a myth.”

      If anyone is changing the argument to fit his needs, it’d be you.

      You’ve come out and claimed that nothing before 2007 should count, because you weren’t trying?! Call me crazy, but you’ve lost any claim to “dominance” just by having a period of time where you weren’t trying.

      If we drop the scope to 2007 – Present it changes things in a big way, that’s true, however, Steven bragged about the Kunkel dominance in the H2H-Era. He didn’t brag about the Kunkel dominance from 2007 to the present.

      There’s no objective way to look at the stats, you either look at them all or you look at none of them. Technically, Johnny hasn’t paid attention since re-joining the league. G-Doggy has been a partial entity. Prior to last season, Steven was a ghost. We’ve had multiple rule and scoring changes. If you want to try and whittle everything down to a very succinct slice of time to prove your dominance, be my guest.

      I stand by my original post. It proved what it set out to prove. It didn’t skew any numbers. It was all numbers that are out in the open and irrefutable.

      It didn’t change any arguments. It made the argument that I was making, that the Kunkels are not, in fact, the most dominant family in the league.

      I wasn’t out to ride on some high horse and paint myself as an unbeatable God amongst boys. I’ve got zero SLB trophies on my mantle. I haven’t made the championship game in four years. There’s no denying that, nor at any point did I attempt to do so.

      At no point did I try to discredit the championships won by the Kunkels, something that you actually did when you complained about my counting stats from 2005 and 2006.

      I don’t know what “agenda” you believe is being pushed, but there isn’t one. I made my point clear early in the article and I used cold, hard, easily-accessible numbers to prove it.

      No one is “in the wrong” on this either, it was a post on a blog about a fantasy baseball league. There is no right or wrong. There’s the facts, which are clearly stated here and are shown to backup the original claim. That’s all there is, there is no more.

      I don’t even believe this post attempted to show “my dominance.” That wasn’t the point of the post. The post was to prove that the Kunkels weren’t the most dominant family not that the Graves boys were.

      In reality, it looks like the Morfitts are the most dominant family–albeit over a much shorter reign–than either the Graves or Kunkels. A fact, I clearly stated.

      This was never a Mike vs. Jeremiah post, far from it actually. Your ego, however, couldn’t handle not being the top dog in the yard and you went off the reservation with a plethora of ever-changing arguments and accusations and that’s fine, that’s your thing. That’s how you win arguments. Well, fine, fella…you win.

      It’s over. I’m done talking about it, because I’m sick and tired of it already. You turned what was a fun, light-hearted little argument into a serious headache.

      Maybe I’ll go back to the corner I’m supposedly crying in and wallow in my self-pity for a bit.


      • mike March 9, 2011 / 11:39 am

        sorry fella.

        it started as fun and still is to me.

        plus it actually pisses me off that you change a claim made by steven and myself. then try to disprove said claim because you are trying to fit it to your new argument.

        then when someone goes on to attempt to discredit your argument you get all pissy about it and say that somehow I am the one that is changing the arguement. YOU CAN’T DO THAT. If you wish to make a case all on your own about something, which you clearly did. then people are allowed to discredit said claim.

        you clearly misrepresented a claim made by steven and myself talking about how we have a disproportionate amount of championship game appearances(Steven) compared to the rest of the families in the Salmon League(Mike).

        then you blog 1700+ words about your own argument which is based on an entirely different set of circumstances.

        as said above until this isn’t fun for me anymore I am not quitting. Oh and since everyone sees this crap I feel it important to attempt to set the record straight when challenged. It is my right and I will do it EVERY time.


      • Justin March 19, 2011 / 2:09 pm

        I suck Jeremiah

        I’m the worst fantasy baseball player on the face of this planet…

        anytime I make it to the postseason it is sheer luck, my draft strategies suck.. and I have not been relevant in the playoffs since 2005

        I should cut my losses and stop paying attention to the league

        no more smack, no more anything

        is this more fun to hear?


  8. Steven March 9, 2011 / 9:51 am

    Hehe! Kunkels dominate! :D


  9. mike March 10, 2011 / 1:07 pm

    look at that…got Team Genies so angry he won’t even reply to emails or calls either. love it. if you can’t take a little dishing fella don’t give it.


  10. Adam March 19, 2011 / 2:57 pm

    i stopped reading after the 4th comment. who cares


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