Results: Salmon League Amendments 2011

Here are the results of the 2011 SLB Amendment voting. Thank you to everyone for voting and responding so quickly to all of my messages.

Without any further ado, here are the results of this year’s amendment voting.

Proposed Amendment I: Free Agent Bidding

This Amendment was “technically” approved last year, but due to some Yahoo! glitch, it never went into effect. The long and short of this amendment is that waiver priority would no longer be deciding by the rolling list. Each team would be given a $1000 free agent acquisition budget (FAAB) to acquire players on waivers.

During the period in which a player is on waivers, a blind binding would be open to all teams looking to acquire said player. A team could bid as much as $1000 or as little as $1 on any waiver claim.

In the event of a tie, the team with the highest rolling waiving priority would get the claim.

What this Means: Starting this season, we’ll all be given $1000 worth of FAAB to spend on players. This is only pertinent for players on waivers. Free agents will still operate under the normal system of first-come, first-served. This only applies to players on waivers.

Proposed Amendment II: League Dues

In the voting two years ago, we chose to raise league dues from $20 to $25 and put a freeze on any potential bump in league dues for two seasons. That was prior to the 2009 season. The freeze is officially over and I have heard some rumblings about bumping up the league dues.

As always, it would be an incremental raise of $5, making the buy-in $30/team. As an added bonus, you can choose whether or not to freeze the dues for another two years.

What this Means: League dues will be $30 in 2011 with the potential to go up again in 2012 if an amendment to raise fees is submitted. Obviously prize money will increase as a result with the some payouts as before: Best overall record: Half their money back ($15). 3rd in playoffs: Gets their money back ($30). 2nd in playoffs: Gets double their money back ($60). 1st in the playoffs: Gets the rest of the pot ($315).

Proposed Amendment III: Divisions

We’ve had talks about splitting the league into divisions for a couple of years now. We’ve got twelve teams (with the potential for future expansion) and it would certainly be plausible to move to a divisional format to increase interest.

Unfortunately, barring a change in Yahoo! rules between now and when registration opens, it appears as though the age old issue of playoff seeding still remains. Here are the current Yahoo! rules for playoff seeding:

• Division winners advance and are assigned top seeds – The winners of each division will advance to the playoffs as the top seeds and the overall top division winner will be the #1 seed. All other playoff teams will be determined by overall standings regardless of division results.

• Division winners advance but are seeded according to overall standings – The winners of each division will advance to the playoffs and all other playoff teams will be determined by overall standings. Playoff seeds will be determined by overall standings regardless of division results.

• All teams seeded according to overall standings – All playoff seeds will be determined by overall standings regardless of division results.

Those are currently the only three options. It’d be nice to have it set up so that the top three teams (or whatever) from each division advance, but this would still send the top six—and most deserving—teams into the postseason.

If this is approved, the obvious next step would be to agree on how to split the divisions. This discussion would likely take place at the draft or in the weeks preceding it.

What this Means: The league will be split up into two, seven-team divisions. I will be deciding the divisions in advance based on my own ranking system coupled with the power ranking voting all of you have participated in. There will undoubtedly be some issues, but my goal is to make the divisions as balanced as possible.

Proposed Amendment IV: Disabled List Carry-Over

This amendment was already given short-term approval for the 2011 season via executive decision by the commissioner. This vote will pertain to 2012 and beyond.

At the end of every season, we’ve had a long-standing rule that any player listed on a team’s DL on the last day of the season was ineligible to be carried over as a potential keeper for next year’s roster. Yahoo! is, however, a little janky when it comes to adds and drops in the final two days of the season.

Some players made moves to get guys off of their DL slots, but Yahoo! didn’t seem to accept the moves. It is also unfortunate that this forces teams still in close games to drop and move players who may be beneficial to winning in the final week.

As such, I’ve allowed the teams that did have guys left on the DL (each team only had one and most aren’t keeper-worthy anyway) to carry them over and that’s why they remained listed on the Final Rosters posted last week.

The rule has been in effect to keep teams from hoarding DL players at potential keepers, but given the odd nature of Yahoo’s setup in the final days of the season, it seems like it’d be best if we just allowed each team one guy on the DL to be carried over. If they have more than one DL player, they’ll be forced to pick which one carries over immediately and that’ll be the one they can carry over as a potential keeper and the others become free agents.

What this Means: Each team will be allowed to carry one player over from the previous season, despite that player being listed on a team’s DL. In the past, players listed on the DL at the end of the season were automatically ineligible as keepers. Due to Yahoo! we’ve been forced to alter the rule. Only one player will be allowed to carry over and the decision must be made to the commissioner on the last day of the season.

Proposed Amendment V: Expansion

Coming off the heels of a very successful expansion in 2010, there has been some talk of adding two new teams to the league. The proposed managerial candidates are Levi Elgersma and Doug Christiansen (ie: the mastermind behind Jay’s annual success) Travis Morfitt whomever the hell we can find.

I assume it’d be awful short-sighted to expand this season with such short notice, so the new teams (with managers to be finalized next off-season) would be approved to join the league in 2012 and beyond.

What this Means: Beginning in 2012, the Salmon League will expand to add two additional teams to the league.

Immediate Amendment for Expansion in 2011 — Superseding Proposed Amendment V

Here’s the situation. We have gone back and forth time and time again on expansion this winter. It barely passed as an amendment in the initial voting and some peeps have told me they easily could have voted either way on the issue. We’d originally decided that if Travis was “out” we’d hold off, but Steven has checked with Zac Gleason of Rippers fame and he’s apparently every kind of stoked to join the league. So there we have it, we’ve got two teams ready and willing to join in Zac and Levi (who combined have the first names of some creepy boy-band). Do we want to expand to 14 teams this year.

What this Means: The Salmon League will expand to 14-teams for the 2011 season and beyond. Zachary Gleason and Levi “Stone Washed” Elgersma will be the two newest members of the league.


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