SLB Draft Reviews: Expert’s Panel

Every year, I like to feel obligated to write up my review and analysis of the Salmon League draft.

This year was no different and you can check out my official 2010 Salmon League Draft Analysis at your leisure.

To mix things up a little bit this year, I randomly selected three tenured members of the league to give me their post-draft rankings as well.

My three randomly selected members were Mike, Steven, and Craiggers and here is where they pegged everyone.

Mike Steven Craiggers
1. money grubbers 1. Genies in a Bottle 1. money grubbers
2. The Dominators 2. money grubbers 2. Genies in a Bottle
3. Genies in a Bottle 3. The Dominators 3. The Dominators
4. j’s team 4. cracker jack 4. ZIMA
5. 38 MPH Heaters 5. ZIMA 5. cracker jack
6. Radioactive Rush 6. Radioactive Rush 6. Sea Bass v5.0
7. ZIMA 7. Sea Bass v5.0 7. j’s team
8. InSaNeAuDio 8. j’s team 8. Radioactive Rush
9. Sea Bass v5.0 9. InSaNeAuDiO 9. Dome Dog
10. Cracker Jack 10. Dome Dog 10. InSaNeAuDiO
11. S.L. Disappointment 11. 38 MPH Heaters 11. 38 MPH Heaters
12. Dome Dog 12. SL Disappointment 12. SL Disappointment

As you can see, there is some pretty solid agreement between the three experts and myself in regard to the top three teams heading into the season.

After that, however, the wheels start to come off the tracks.

Justin ranks fourth on Steven’s and my rankings, falls to fifth in Craiggers’ predictions, and plummets all the way to number ten in Mike’s.

Grant ranks in sixth on two out of four preseason ballots, but falls to eighth on Craiggers and is in dead-last on mine.

Jay falls anywhere from four-to-seven over all four ballots.

The teams on the cusp of the playoffs—according to the preseason rankings—appear to be G-Doggy, Craiggers, and Jay.

Following those cats on most lists is the two expansion teams—Adam and Morgan—and then, bringing up the rear, or really close to it, is John, who for all intents and purposes has probably never even seen this blog.

As I always make a point to say, these rankings mean absolutely nothing and are completely flawed in just about every way they can be.

Every ranking is completely arbitrary and based on opinion and I’m often ranked higher than I should be simply because everyone assumes I’ve always got a leg up on everyone else, so they’re skewed by individual perception as well as individual opinion.

Long-story-short, don’t take anything too seriously. If everyone thinks you’re going to suck (read: Morgan/Adam/Johnny) do your best to prove us wrong.

How Important is a Hot Start in the Salmon League?

Today we’ve got a special treat as Steven takes a very well-researched, very in-depth look at the history and importance of getting off to a hot start in the Salmon League.

Baseball is a game about history, right?

Typically, come draft day you find yourself looking at a player’s career averages, career splits, or even years on the injury list. Obviously, every game matters, but I wanted to look into the Salmon League history and evaluate how important the first four weeks of the season actually are. History being a fine thing to look at, I chose to go back to our previous seasons.

While this can’t, unfortunately, cover every year of the Salmon League (Changing scoring methods only in 2005) and this is the only year we have had 12 members, it was hard to come up with completely accurate data. However, the proof behind whether the first four weeks are important are in the pudding.

I will first begin by laying out where the team would have finished statistically had the season ended after the fourth week. Following that, I will then reveal where they actually finished, including records.
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Draft Review and Rankings 2010

Okay folks, here we have the official review and rankings based on the 2010 SLB draft.

I know it took—well—a long f’n time, but you’ll just have to deal with it. It’s a whole big bunch of work and time that ends with a readership of just eleven people, and that’s operating on the assumption that all y’all will even read this rambling tome.

It’s not exactly the most-rewarding writing because it’s based on picks that were all-too-often null and void within hours of the draft (see: Baker, John and/or Polanco, Placido) and because, like I said, at the very most this little ditty snags me eleven reads.

Anyway, let’s carry on…

If you’re looking to get the full draft results you can peep those by clicking here, this is just a review of the draft itself and a completely arbitrary ranking of each team based on whatever random statistical analysis and personal feelings I have regarding your squads.

Disclaimer: I don’t believe I put focus on anything except for the players drafted. Any moves made since the draft should not have been included in this review, although it is possible I have included someone after taking a peek at your teams. I realize some of you may have already addressed weaknesses, if so…ignore what I’ve got to say. That’s your right either way.

Note: I would like to see some commentary regarding this post either here or on the SLB league page. It takes a long time to write this thing up and at nineteen pages it’s a lot of f’n work. So please make me feel like it was worth my time and effort. Thanks.

Without any further ado…

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