2010 Pre-Draft Keepers

Okay folks, here are the official SLB Keepers for the 2010 season. These will be the players on your roster heading into the draft. Changes to your 2010 Keepers between now and the day of the draft are only permitted in the case of a significant injury to one of your selected Keepers.

Adam and Morgan will be selecting their keepers on draft day in a mini two-man, three-round expansion draft. The selection order for these two will be determined randomly on draft day by pulling their names from a hat.

The two will then be given the 11th and 12th spots for draft priority in the overall draft.

Without any further ado, here are the final 2010 Keepers. See y’all on Saturday!!

Radioactive Rush
Tim Lincecum – SP – SF
Chase Utley – 2B – PHI
Victor Martinez – C/1B – BOS

The Dominators
Felix Hernandez – SP – SEA
Prince Fielder – 1B – MIL
Mark Reynolds – 1B/3B – ARZ

CC Sabathia – SP – NYY
Miguel Cabrera – 1B – DET
Grady Sizemore – OF – CLE

j’s team
Roy Halladay – SP – PHI
Alex Rodriguez – 3B – NYY
Ryan Braun – OF – MIL

S.L. Disappointment
Dan Haren – SP – ARZ
Ryan Howard – 1B – PHI
Carlos Lee – OF – HOU

cracker jack
Jon Lester – SP – BOS
Kevin Youkilis – 1B/3B – BOS
Jimmy Rollins – SS – PHI

Clayton Kershaw – SP – LAD
Albert Pujols – 1B – STL
Ryan Zimmerman – 3B – WAS

Sea Bass v5.0
Josh Beckett – SP – BOS
Mark Teixeira – 1B – NYY
Joe Mauer – C – MIN

money grubbers
Jonathon Broxton – RP – LAD
Matt Kemp – OF – LAD
Evan Longoria – 3B – TB

Genies in a Bottle
Johan Santana – SP – NYM
Hanley Ramirez – SS – FLA
David Wright – 3B – NYM

Dome Dog

38 MPH Heaters


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