2009 League Amendments

Okay, the votes are all in and I’ve FINALLY found the time to tally them.

The official amendments plus the final vote tallies are attached and can be perused as your leisure.

As far as the basics, here goes…

Offense will be: R/2B/3B/HR/RBI/SB/OBP

Pitching will be: W/L/ERA/WHIP/K/SV/HLD

There will be an innings-minimum of 15 innings per week

The rosters will be expanded to twenty players instead of nineteen with the extra player being a pitcher, due to the disparity between offensive contributors and pitching contributors.

The supplemental draft will make its final appearance this season before disappearing in 2010, prepare your rosters accordingly by this season’s end.

Expansion to 12 teams has been approved, but only if both teams are approved by a majority of the league’s current owners.

The draft order priority for 2010 and all subsequent years will be given in proper standings order for the consolation bracket and reverse standings for the championship bracket. No more tanking in the playoffs to gain draft priority.

The keepers for this season will remain at three; one pitcher, one offensive player and one wild-card.

All future keeper decisions will be made at the draft, preparing teams accordingly for the following season. Decisions will be made by a group vote with the majority winning. Ties will be broken by the commissioner and/or something classy like a coin-toss.

All teams will be required to submit their keepers to the commissioner one week prior to the draft. The final keeper selections will then be announced to the entire league by the commissioner. I’ll expect all submissions by noon (EST) March 28th and will announce them that evening. (note: if more than one team enters the supplemental round, the order will be determined randomly)

Draft position does not need to be announced until the day of the draft.

League dues are being raised to $25, however, I am capping them at $25 for at least the next two seasons. I know that some of you are very against raising the dues and some are very much for it. I don’t want to cause a rift, so I’m allowing them to increase this season and capping it for the next two seasons.

The winner of the regular season will receive a monetary prize. They will not, however, receive their initial league dues back. Many people were for the idea of awarding the regular season winner, but not with such a large chunk of the prize. As such, I’ve decided the winner of the regular season will receive $15, just over half of their initial pay-in. They can make more by winning in the playoffs.

Each owner will put in an additional $2 to go toward league trophies for the championship winning team.